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Paige Leaving WWE Soon
June 10, 2022
Paige is leaving WWE very soon and rumors are already starting. And, Vince McMahon has big praise for Gunther.
wwe changes superstars name
January 19, 2022
On Tuesday’s NXT, we were informed that WWE made changes to a Superstar’s name, and as expected, the wrestling world reacts to the bad call.
is roderick strong done in wwe
January 19, 2022
Given the youth movement, is Roderick Strong about to be done in WWE? Plus, there is a big push to sign a former ROH champion.
triple h reaction nxt cuts
January 10, 2022
After a rough week, we’ve learned of Triple H’s reaction to the NXT cuts. And, WALTER is working his final match for NXT UK shortly.
top new contracts expiring soon
December 4, 2021
Per reports, a number of top AEW contracts are expiring soon. And a former NXT Champion is preparing for a move, possibly to the main roster.
whats next for walter
November 20, 2021
With him basically off television for a while, what’s next for WALTER? Plus, is Ric Flair (and his legacy) being erased by WWE?
Drew McIntyre Vs. WALTER
September 15, 2021
Could the WWE be setting up a Drew McIntyre vs. WALTER program, soon? Plus, a debuting NXT talent is being compared to Edge.
adam cole on aew
August 25, 2021
A question on every fan’s mind: will Adam Cole be on AEW TV this week? And now that he lost the title, what’s next for WALTER in NXT?
Kurt Angle Major Surgery
July 30, 2021
Kurt Angle requires major surgery after putting it off for years. And, WWE was forced to scratch a championship feud that would see a return.
hall of famer returning wwe
July 16, 2021
A Hall of Famer is expected to be returning to WWE soon, as the company gets back to the road. Plus, an NXT Superstar will be missing time.
walter seeks out cesaro
May 24, 2021
The NXT UK Champion can take on anyone, so why is it that WALTER seeks out Cesaro? And Dana Warrior talks out against Dark Side of the Ring.
WALTER did not want to sign with WWE
May 12, 2021
WWE superstar WALTER did not want to sign with the company originally. We were interested to learn what changed his mind.
Huge NXT Match Scratched
April 2, 2021
A huge NXT match was scratched, that would have seen two of the company’s biggest stars. And, the reason Shad Gaspard isn’t in the WWE HOF.
Jeff Dunham Walter Christmas special Comedy Central
December 18, 2020
Walter the puppet brings his unapologetic brand of political incorrectness and complete honesty in this hilarious Jeff Dunham holiday video.
Walter Jeff Dunham’s Holiday Special comedy central
December 16, 2020
Walter airs all of his 2020 grievances in “Jeff Dunham’s Completely Unrehearsed Last-Minute Pandemic Holiday Special” on Comedy Central.
Jim Cornette uses NXT Uk match to show how pro wrestling should have evolved
November 10, 2020
Former WWE personality Jim Cornette has used an NXT UK match to show how pro wrestling should have evolved. And it’s an interesting choice!
Jeff Dunham's debate video Biden Trump puppets Achmed Walter
September 14, 2020
Achmed the Dead Journalist plays a more unbiased and fair reporter in Jeff Dunham’s debate video than anyone in the mainstream media.
Jeff Dunham zoom video meeting puppets walter
July 10, 2020
In a Zoom video meeting with Jeff Dunham’s puppets, a troll “zoom bombs” the gang and things immiedately go downhill for Walter.