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Ric Flair found himself in an uncomfortable angle with Lacey Evans and here is why he still went forward. Also, Chris Jericho is legitimately hurt.

Ric Flair Uncomfortable With Lacey Evans Angle

One of the matches WWE had planned for WrestleMania 37 was Charlotte Flair vs. Lacey Evans. In the end, neither competed at the event for different reasons.

First, Evans was removed from the picture when she got pregnant. Then, it looked like WWE was going to again book Asuka vs. Charlotte.

Well, Charlotte tested positive for COVID and she needed to miss at least two weeks of TV. Therefore, with the timing, it would be difficult to book a match.

So, WWE had Asuka defend the title against Rhea Ripley. At WrestleMania 37, Ripley left as the new champion as Asuka’s unlucky streak at the event continued.

While on the Ariel Helwani MMA Show, Ric addressed the angle. He noted that Charlotte was not a fan and he had similar feelings.

Although, Vince McMahon liked the idea and Ric was not going to argue.

Ric Flair Is A Fan Of Evans, But Not The Storyline 

“In this instance, I didn’t [feel comfortable],” said Flair. “The one thing I’ve learned is you’re not going to win a war when someone’s got their mind made up.” 

“[Charlotte] most definitely didn’t like it, but the one thing that I can say about me is I always said yes. I didn’t want to be that guy that was always going ‘Oh, that isn’t perfect for me.’”

When Evans announced her pregnancy, WWE tried to keep the storyline going with Ric as the father. But, Evans was quickly removed from TV and the entire angle was dropped.

“[Evans’] is a really nice girl and all that, but it didn’t fit this time. We made the best of it, but ultimately, she’s pregnant with her husband now.” 

“It was never anything personal, I barely know her and her whole life is her husband and her daughter. I didn’t like that one, to him I’m always going to be the ‘kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’, yanno what I mean? Which is great because he likes that.”

Now, Charlotte is back in the title picture as she and Asuka look to take the belt from Ripley. As for Evans, she will likely miss at least a year of action.

Ric is currently not being used by WWE, but that could change with one phone call.

Chris Jericho Hurt

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Apparently, Chris Jericho walked out of Blood & Guts with an injury. He was sporting a brace on Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite and it was not for show.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez confirmed the injury is legit. The extent of the injury is not known, but Alvarez teased it could be a fractured elbow.

At Blood & Guts, Jericho was thrown off the structure by MJF. Now, the feud goes to another level.

The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle will meet at Double Or Nothing in a Stadium Stampede Match. If the Inner Circle loses, they must disband.

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