Adam Cole's Contract Expiring

WWE needs to move fast as Adam Cole’s contract is expiring. And, WWE sees big things in Angel Garza. 

Adam Cole’s Contract Expiring

Last year, NXT joined RAW and SmackDown as a main roster brand. Many names have come and gone from NXT, with a few making Wednesday nights their home.

One of those superstars is NXT World Champion Adam Cole. At the moment, he is closing in on one year as champion.

Therefore, we can see that WWE sees Cole in a high perspective. Although, Wrestling News reports that Cole’s WWE contract ends in August or September.

As of now, Cole is yet to re-sign with WWE. Also, it is not known if there are any issues with the contract negotiations.

At Takeover: Brooklyn III in 2017, Cole officially joined NXT at the conclusion of the show. He partnered that night with familiar friends Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reily.

Together, the three formed The Undisputed Era. Eventually, Roderick Strong joined the stable and they have been dominating NXT for going on three years.

Cole has held all the titles in NXT, becoming the second Triple Crown Champion. To add, he also won numerous NXT awards for his matches and contributions as a wrestler.

Cole’s Affiliation To AEW

WWE would be crazy to let Cole go, but do not forget about the All Elite Wreslting (AEW) factor. While they are not looking to hire many wrestlers due to COVID-19, an exception would be made for Cole.

Cole’s girlfriend, Britt Baker, is currently a member of AEW who receives a good amount of TV time. Plus, Cole is friends with the likes of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

For the right price, AEW might be able to convince Cole to make the jump. Maybe, Britt also has a word.

Be sure to keep an eye on Cole’s current title reign. If the title run abruptly ends before September, that might be a sign that negations are not going well.

WWE High On New RAW Superstar

Angel Garza

Lately, fans have been seeing the same wrestlers appear on TV due to COVID-19 concerns. One of those names is Angel Garza.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned how WWE has high hopes for Garza. That would explain his win against former Universal Champion Kevin Owens on RAW was so establish position.

“He lost to McIntyre a couple of weeks ago and I think they see something in the guy,” said Meltzer. “I know they should. You gotta beat established guys to go anywhere.” 

“If you don’t then you won’t get anywhere. I just hope that they don’t 50/50 it next week, but it was the right thing to do.”

After a brief stay on 205 Live, Garza was sent to RAW. He quickly aligned himself as pat of Zelina Vega’s stable.

At only 27 years old, Garza is already starting to make a name. With WWE having such a large roster across several brands, one needs that something special to shine.

WWE is always looking for a Latin American wrestler to replace Rey Mysterio. There has been no major success, but Garza and Andrade sees like contenders.

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