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After stunning the locker room over the weekend, Superstars are saying they have doubts about Bray Wyatt’s release. And, with that now done…job security concerns rise.

Doubts About Bray Wyatt’s Release

Yes, it’s true, The Fiend has been fired. However, there are doubts about Bray Wyatt’s release.

More specifically, Superstars have doubts about the reasons given for Bray Wyatt’s release.

The specific reason, as we’ve heard it thus far, was that the reason for Bray Wyatt’s release was purely dollars and cents.


Source: custom, Bleacher Report Twitter screenshot

Superstars are not buying it.

Chances are, many fans are not either.

While it could be argued that WWE has (or had) done a less than stellar job of booking Bray Wyatt and The Fiend at times…he was still one of the better characters.

On top of that, even as a heel, there was significant popularity, and The Fiend moved the merch.

So…was it really a budget cut?

According to Fightful…pretty much no one in the WWE locker room believes that explanation for a minute.

The company, like it or not, may have a major issue brewing. More on that in just a bit, but think about it like this…

If WWE is now being driven by, or influenced by, a CFO worried about being in the red…these Superstar cuts might continue to happen.

In years past, WWE would not have cut people like Bray Wyatt or Braun Strowman or others…and yet, here we are.

It was not all that long ago where WWE was offering crazy money to questionable talent “just to keep them off of AEW”.

Now, a certain someone is cutting left and right and deep…and Vince McMahon is OK with it. Vince even said he does not believe AEW to be competition.

Specifically said they aren’t like WCW was, referring to all of Turner’s money fueling that battle.

With some major new names cut loose in recent months…and some big name free agents rumored to be coming over…we may soon find out the budgetary capabilities of AEW.

Job Security Concerns Rise

As we touched on a bit earlier…with the locker room doubting the explanation of Bray Wyatt’s release…we are also hearing about job security concerns on the rise.

Look, the simple fact is WWE Superstars are independent contractors. They can be cut loose at any time, for any reason.

Many have learned that in the last year.

bray wyatts release job security concerns rise

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It’s a major reason why some politicians and Zelina Vega have talked about unionizing. Thus far, it’s gone nowhere.

Now, in the wake of Wyatt’s unceremonious release, job security concerns are on the rise.

Specifically, Superstars don’t feel so secure anymore.

Again, thanks to Fightful, some Superstars-of similar stature and success-feel like their positions could also be at risk.

If WWE wanted to send a message to the locker room that no one is safe…it seems like they did just that.

The question is…did WWE intend to send that message? And if so…why?

Considering a month ago we had heard of WWE taking an “all hands on deck” approach to the return to touring, promising fans some major surprises along the way…

Losing Bray Wyatt was not the surprise fans wanted or expected. Could there be other significant Superstars who’s job security isn’t so secure?

And, as someone who has seen organizations go through staffing cuts before…is WWE taking a big risk or two here?

Meaning…will the cuts demoralize anyone who remains (seems like it might be already). And, will they cut too deep?

Vince might dismiss AEW as “not competition”. But if AEW brings in some of the rumored and expected talent…and fixes some production issues…

WWE may regret letting a financial executive drive certain cuts from 2020 and 2021.