Peeping Tom Texas shot by parents
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A Texas dad got some instant justice on a Peeping Tom who was caught looking through his 10-year-old daughter’s window and fondling himself.

Peeping Tom Targets Texas Girl

The young girl felt someone staring at her from outside. She saw the man through her window and yelled for her parents.

When they ran into their daughter’s room they spotted the pervert fondling himself. 

“She looks over at the window and this guy is at her window,” the mother said. “I can’t say that he tried to take my daughter’s innocence. He took my daughter’s innocence.”

Both parents ran into the yard armed with their handguns. The father eventually shot the Peeping Tom after a mad chase. 

Texas Parent Are Concealed Handgun License Holders

Both parents have concealed handgun licenses.

After running outside, the parents ordered the visibly intoxicated man to lay in the grass until police could arrive.

But, the Peeping Tom didn’t listen.

Instead, he ran across the street to the gas station. The couple took off after him. 

“We didn’t want this guy to get shot,” the mother continued. “We were waiting for police to detain him because I’m pretty sure if he did this to my children, he’s doing it to a lot of other children out here.”

The mother held the Peeping Tom at gunpoint at the gas station while the father went inside to call police.

After the father went inside, however, the man was able to wrestle the gun away from the mother.

Now the Peeping Tom was holding the 10-year-old girl’s mother at gunpoint. 

Now the situation was escalated. So, like any good Texas father and husband, the dad shot the Peeping Tom three times.

The Peeping Tom was then taken to a hospital in critical but stable condition. 

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Now, this family is left to deal with the trauma. The parents wish to remain unidentified to protect their daughter. 

Their daughter has been made to feel uneasy in her own bedroom while the father and mother have to deal with any psychological effects of the shooting. Even though it is justified, it’s still a traumatic event. 

The Power of Prayer

But, this Christian family is focusing on the power of prayer not just for their own good but for that of the suspect and his family. 

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“We are praying for the suspect and we are also praying for his family,” the mother said. “Because [just like how] we have children, a mother, a father, grandparents, and friends, and other family — he does, too.”

More information is in the video below of a local news report. 

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