Peeping Tom Picks The Wrong Girl To Spy On – Dads Dispense Swift Justice At Cracker Barrel

Dads detained a peeping Tom, later discovered to be a registered sex offender, caught spying on a young girl in a Cracker Barrel bathroom.

Several fathers at a Cracker Barrel didn’t wait for police to arrive before they sprung into action when a peeping tom was caught watching a 15-year-old girl in the bathroom. Douglas Lane, a registered sex offender, was stopped from leaving the scene before authorities arrived at the South Carolina Cracker Barrel. 

The 53-year-old man was peeking under the stall in the women’s bathroom of the Cracker Barrel. The teen girl saw something moving near her feet then she saw the North Carolina man’s head underneath the next stall.

He had been in there waiting to watch someone. 

The victim wasn’t the only girl in the bathroom at the time Douglas Lane was spotted in the women’s bathroom. 

“I’ll never forget the way they looked after,” a patron of the restaurant said. “They were traumatized.”

Dads Catch Peeping Tom At South Carolina Cracker Barrel

The girl ran out and told her father who quickly moved into action.

First, he asked a female employee of the Duncan, South Carolina Cracker Barrel to get the man out of the women’s bathroom.

Then the furious father went to confront the pervert inside the restaurant.

An eyewitness said they heard someone yell, “Get him! H’s getting away.” 

Lane, who has been charged with eight sex crimes prior to this, was attempting to run out the door.

 A group of fathers who were in town for a softball tournament refused to allow the man to escape justice. They held him until the police arrived.

Another eyewitness said his son was asking him a lot of questions about the incident and he told him that “there was a bad guy and a lot of good guys took down the bad guy.”

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Police Arrive To Find Registered Sex Offender Already Detained

Duncan Police Chief Carl Long is officially unsure as to how the peeing Tom’s face got bloodied up.

It doesn’t take a lot of guessing to understand how furious parents were going to do what they needed to do to get this person off the streets and out of the bathrooms.

The polite version is that parents tackled him in the parking lot and refused to allow the criminal to leave the premises before police arrived. You can fill in the missing blanks. 

Peeping Tom Claims He Was In Wrong Bathroom

Lane claims he didn’t know he was in the women’s bathroom.

However, he is being charged with voyeurism, simple possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. This registered sex offender already has four other peeking convictions. 

It’s clear that Douglas Lane is a  serial offender and won’t stop committing these traumatic crimes. 

The offender was let out on a $2,000 bond and is being monitored by a GPS device. He’s due in court in November. 

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Habitual offenders like Douglas Lane need to be off the streets and behind bars. He cannot control himself and he is likely to do this again.

Thank goodness these dads refused to allow this peeping Tom to escape!

While many Democrat elected officials believe biological men should be allowed into the women’s bathroom, this is putting more women and girls at risk.

That liberal philosophy rolls out the red carpet to predators like Douglas Lane. 

More information, including pictures after Lane was stopped by parents, is in the video below. 

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