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NXT Superstar Traded To RAW?, Scary Details Of Michael Elgin Arrest

After NXT this week, fans might be wondering-was an NXT Superstar traded to RAW? Plus, scary details on Michael Elgin's arrest.

Last night’s show was eventful, and not just for the main event-might we have seen an NXT Superstar traded to RAW? Plus, scary details of Michael Elgin’s arrest are coming out, and the claims are disturbing.

NXT Superstar Traded To RAW?

The July 13th episode was eventful, and one item may have been missed-was an NXT Superstar traded to RAW?

To catch everyone up on the details…

Yes, Samoa Joe got attacked to close the show. This probably means we get to see Joe get physical again soon, considering the rules placed on him by William Regal.

But that was just the most major story. It was not the only one.

If you were paying attention, you should have spotted WWE Superstar Mandy Rose make an appearance.

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Fans were curious about it, and she may be part of a trade.

Meaning an NXT Superstar could have been traded to RAW. But which one?

The clarity comes to us via WrestleVotes.

Thoughts On The Trade

This move is both curious and strange, all at the same time.

For one thing, Mandy Rose-along with partner Dana Brooke-has been chasing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships as recently as…Monday.

Looking at it another way…the timing is strange. Typically we’ve only seen trades happen around the events designed to explain roster movement-like the draft and Superstar Shakeup.

Then again, it’s not even the first time in the last week or so that we saw some really funky timing behind roster moves (see Tegan Nox, last week).

Now, while Mandy is the main roster star on the move, the true story here is Aliyah.

Here’s someone who has been in NXT for an eternity, and for most of it seemed to be the brand’s resident women’s division enhancement talent. 

Most of her work, up until very recently, had been putting people over. For Aliyah to get a chance on the main roster could be a good thing.

Or, it could mean that Vince McMahon just feels he needs someone new to job out, now that Nikki has her new superhero gimmick.

Stay tuned for the latest on this.

Scary Details Of Michael Elgin Arrest

Fans of wrestling around the world likely know this man, but now we’ve learned of some scary details of Michael Elgin’s arrest.

In late June, reports emerged that the man was missing. Over the recent weeks, new details have come to light, and now we are provided with some scary details.

It’s worth stressing that these are allegations made against Michael Elgin. At this point, he has not been convicted, nor has he made any sort of public admission of guilt.

michael elgin arrested
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According to Wrestling News, Michael Elgin’s ex had a protective order in place, intended to keep him away from her. 

Elgin is alleged to have broken the order numerous times.

The report details extensive emotional, physical and sexual abuse. As mentioned, the details are quite scary.

With all he has been accused of in this instance, the arrest of Michael Elgin comes as no shock.

Thus far, things are still being investigate, but the report does not paint a good picture.

If the scary details are indeed true, we hope Michael Elgin can get any help he needs to resolve his issues.

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