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NXT Superstar Returns Recharged, AEW Pyro Crew Unpaid

After weeks of teasing, the NXT battery hints delivered us an NXT Superstar, returned and recharged. Plus, an AEW pyro crew went unpaid.

For weeks, we’ve been seeing a battery-related teaser, and now an NXT Superstar returns, recharged, at the Great American Bash. Plus, one particular AEW pyro crew is unpaid, and it’s not shocking why not.

NXT Superstar Returns Recharged

For weeks, you may have spotted a “battery charging” teaser on NXT. Now, that NXT Superstar returns, recharged, as part of the Great American Bash.

Rumors had been swirling about the identity of this NXT Superstar. Now, the rumors are moot.

Late in the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match, the lights went out. On the big screen, the battery teaser popped up one last time, showing that it was all recharged.

nxt superstar returns recharged tegan nox great american bash
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When the lights came back on, the NXT Superstar return was clear. Tegan Nox was back.

Nox is one of the most promising women to come through NXT in a while. Unfortunately, she has also been one of the most snakebitten of any WWE talent.

Over her career, she has suffered now three catastrophic knee injuries.

So what was the point of having the recuperated NXT Superstar return now?

Well, for one, her return cost The Way the tag titles. It also lets a recharged Tegan Nox seek revenge against Candace LeRae.

The announce team pointed out that Candace was responsible for Nox being out for the last year.

For another, according to PWInsider, Tegan Nox actually wrestled a dark match on this week’s RAW, versus Toni Storm.

Perhaps she will not be long for NXT?

For now, however, it would seem that the NXT Superstar returned with her eyes set on retribution.

If I spent yet another year rehabbing yet another knee injury, I’d want revenge too.

Hopefully, this time around Tegan Nox can avoid the injury bug and enjoy her return as an NXT Superstar recharged.

AEW Pyro Crew Unpaid

So, everyone knows wrestling promotions use pyro. Due to one of the most egregious botches of recent memory, one AEW pyro crew went unpaid.

Remember that exploding death match? The one between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega?

It’s honestly hard to forget it. The ring was supposed to explode.

We were left with some sparklers and a laughable “life saving” spot (hey, at least that guy stuck to the script).

aew pyro crew unpaid
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Tony Khan has been one of the better stories out of AEW’s early years, and what we learned now shows why.

Khan was a guest of the Dan LeBatard Show recently, and the disastrous botched explosion came up.

To his credit, Khan was up front about it. He acknowledged the botch, and actually dropped a surprising note.

That AEW pyro crew went unpaid.

Clearly, the “explosion” AEW got was not what AEW intended.

And, due to the major dud, Tony Khan and AEW were effectively given a refund. What was promised, or asked for, was not delivered.

In the grand scheme, while seeing such a comically bad spot was funny…it may have been for the best.

It’s hard to imagine just how big an explosion AEW had wanted. But it is probably something we don’t need in wrestling in 2021.

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