WWE Talking To New Japan Star + Lesnar Plans After 'Mania

-WWE has always been one to look for new talent. With the inception of All Elite Wrestling bringing increased options for wrestlers, the talent search only gets more challenging.

New Japan Pro Wrestling is a group many know to be talent rich, and several current and former WWE Superstars have worked for the promotion.

Now, WWE may be talking to an NJPW talent who recently saw his contract expire. Michael Elgin saw his contract expire on March 31, per a report in the Wrestling Observer.

His free agent status and his career make him someone WWE would likely be interested in. How they could put him to use remains to be seen-if he even desires to sign on with the company.

With All Elite approaching it’s first big show, and that group also having a familiarity with NJPW, it wouldn’t be a shock if Elgin was more interested in the new kid on the block.

-By now, many wrestling fans figure that Seth Rollins will defeat Brock Lesnar on Sunday in order to become Universal Champion. Getting the belt off of Brock would open the door for his departure from the company, return to UFC or just become an even more part-time act.

That said, even if Lesnar does drop the belt on Sunday, as is expected, he does have at least one more date on the books for WWE.

He is expected to be appearing at the next WWE show in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That event had been scheduled for May of 2019, but appears that it will be moved to June. 

It is not yet known if the change in dates would impact Lesnar’s availability. Along with Lesnar, fellow part-timer The Undertaker had also been booked for the big Saudi Arabia show.

It will be interesting to see if the date change poses issues regarding these Superstars availability.

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