Tilly missing dog border collie car accident
Source: Tilly photo courtesy of Linda Oswald on Facebook; sheep photo courtesy of dew drop 157 via Creative Commons

The Oswald family was desperate to find their dog Tilly who went missing after a car crash. It’s traumatic enough to get into an accident. This family was also dealing with finding their dog. But, instincts kicked in for the pooch and the usually shy Border Collie Heeler mix was later found days later herding sheep.

Tilly was ejected from the car during the crash. The scared dog fled and the Oswalds feared they would never see him again. They spent 10 hours looking for him after the crash but kept coming up empty handed.

Linda took to social media in hopes that others could keep an eye out for their beloved Tilly. News traveled fast in their Idaho town that this dog was on the run. 

Tilly is rather timid so the Oswalds were concerned he would run if someone approached him. It didn’t cross their minds their normally shy dog’s adventure would make national news. After all, he didn’t herd sheep at home. 

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Brothers Notice Strange Dog Herding Their Sheep

“I just cried every day,” Linda Oswald said. “It was ridiculous, but you get so emotional over your pets.”

Travis and Zane Potter were working on their farm less than two miles from the crash scene. They noticed a dog herding their sheep. But, this dog didn’t look like their Australian Shepard Hooey. The dog’s red coloring was different. 

But, thanks to Linda’s Facebook post below, the Potters quickly realized this was Tilly doing what he was born to do. Tilly is a house pet but when left to himself, his instincts kicked in and he herded sheep.

While this was a new experience to Tilly, it was in the Border Collie’s blood. Mother Nature is a powerful force!

Missing Dog Tilly Lost Weight But Healthy

The sheep herding pup was handed over to the sheriff who then made sure he got home. 

“(Tilly) was not having it,” Linda Oswald said. “I think he was a little upset, like, ‘Hey, you guys left me out on that prairie for 48 hours.’”

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Besides losing some weight during his time away from home, Tilly was in good shape. Now, the Border Collie is a national star as the story of the pet naturally turning into a working dog goes viral. 

It’s amazing when you see a community come together to help find a missing dog. Tilly is one of the lucky ones.

A news report about Tilly’s adventures while on the run is in the video below. 

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