Dennis Quaid

Hollywood star Dennis Quaid is currently promoting his new movie A Dog’s Journey, which is the sequel to the hit film A Dog’s Purpose.

Christian Post reported that the new movie continues the journey of the dog Bailey, who finds a new purpose in the film. Quaid told the Los Angeles Times that he has been on the road promoting the film with his own dog Peaches, who he has a close bond with. In fact, it was partly his bond with Peaches that attracted him to do the movie in the first place.

Dog Films Draw Viewers

When asked why dog movies do so well at the box office, Quaid had this to say:

Bruce Cameron — he wrote “A Dog’s Way Home” too that just came out — I think he’s really just hit a nerve with people. He really gets that relationship that we have. I think the appeal, really, of the movie — or the secret of it — is that people come to see the film with their past or present relationships to their own dogs. That’s what they come with, and that’s why it has such an emotional impact. …When I was offered the script for the first one, my agent called me up and I said, “Well, what’s it about?” And he got three sentences into it and I said, “You’ve gotta stop, because I’m welling up and I’m not gonna bawl with my agent on the phone.’

Quaid has long enjoyed defying Hollywood by starring in powerful family friendly films like I Can Only Imagine, and this new movie is another example of that.

Dogs’ Ability to Detect Cancer

Notably, the movie explores the ability dogs have to detect cancer, something that science has supported.

“They’re running clinical trials at UC Davis right now,” said the movie’s co-screenwriter Cathryn Michon. “It’s amazing; dogs can detect cancer at stage zero. They’re running clinical trials at UC Davis right now. It’s amazing; dogs can detect cancer at stage zero.”

Critics are hailing the new movie as a family-friendly film that people of all ages will enjoy. If only they would make more movies like this in Hollywood!

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