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Source: Twitter Photo
June 16, 2022
“The Fonz” himself Henry Winkler is trending on Twitter after posting photos of himself fishing in Idaho with a huge smile on his face.
Source: Screenshot YouTube
June 1, 2022
A 25 year-old Ohio woman was killed at Yellowstone National Park this week after being gored by a bison that tossed her ten feet.
Tilly missing dog border collie car accident
Source: Tilly photo courtesy of Linda Oswald on Facebook; sheep photo courtesy of dew drop 157 via Creative Commons
July 1, 2021
Tilly, a border collie mix, went missing after a car accident only to be found days later herding sheep less than two miles away.
Christians Arrested Idaho singing masks protest Gabriel Rench
September 25, 2020
Five arrests made, including Crosspolitic host Gabriel Rench, as Christians protested outside an Idaho City Hall, singing hymns without masks.
Mom Sara Brady arrested at Idaho playground
April 22, 2020
Now viral videos show the moment a mom protesting Idaho’s strict stay-at-home orders is arrested for refusing to leave the playground.
jimmy kimmel state abbreviations
May 24, 2018
Knowing this, late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to take to the streets to see if his fellow Americans could identify our states by their official abbreviations and possibly give his audience a reason to laugh at their expense in the process.