Buddy Murphy Paul Heyman
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Having support from Paul Heyman might not have done Buddy Murphy any favors. Also, top AEW star Cody Rhodes will be off TV in the near future. 

Buddy Murphy On Paul Heyman Support

For over a year, WWE made the decision to let go of lots of talent and office workers. Since the company posted a profit, many were not happy with such large releases.

One of those let go was Buddy Murphy. There is some speculation he requested the release.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Murphy went over his time in WWE. He started in NXT and eventually moved to 205 Live.

The former Cruiserweight Champion was then sent to SmackDown. For the most part, he did little until a match with Roman Reigns gained lots of attention.

Paul Heyman, who was the Executive Director of RAW at the time, was impressed. He pushed hard for Murphy to join RAW, where there would be a huge push.

Eventually, Heyman was relieved of his RAW duties. Murphy thinks Heyman advocating for him might have worked against him in the end.

“I was in talks with Heyman and he was going to take over RAW,” said Murphy. “I assumed that he had spoken up and said he wanted me and the people of SmackDown didn’t want to use me.” 

“They didn’t want to highlight someone who is going to Mondays. They say that if Paul wants to advocate for you, it can work for you or against you.” 

“Maybe it worked against me, but I felt like I was delivering. Did I lose out or did you?”

Buddy Murphy And The End Of His WWE Run

Instead, Murphy become a disciple for Seth Rollins on SmackDown. The two feuded extensively against the Mysterio family. 

Once Rollins took a break, as his now wife Becky Lynch was going to have a baby, Murphy got lost. He was in a romantic angle with Rey Mysterio’s daughter, but the entire thing was dropped.

Once Murphy’s non-complete clause with WWE is up, he will find work. Meanwhile, he has some visa issues to deal with.

Top AEW Star To Miss Action

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AEW just returned to the road with venues filled with fans. Although, it seems one of the top wrestlers will be out of action for a bit.

Cody Rhodes is a busy man. His wife recently had a baby, he has a management role in AEW, wrestles and appears on other TV shows.

He was one of the judges on the first season of The Go Big Show, which was renewed for a second season. It will be a little different this time as some faces have changed.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mention how Cody will need to miss some AEW TV. Because of the COVID pandemic, the show might also require him to arrive early for testing.

With Fyter Fest night two taking place next week, there is a chance fans get Cody vs. Malakai Black. In a shocking debut, because WWE made a clerical mistake, Black joined AEW earlier than many thought.

Cody Rhodes Vs Malakai Black Is Money

In his first appearance, he delivered spinning back kicks to Arn Anderson and Cody. Then, during night one of Fyter Fest, Cody and Black needed to be separated by referees.

Those two are definitely on a collision course. If AEW can write Cody off TV, it will give Black even more momentum.

Last time Cody needed a break to film the show, they had the late Brodie Lee defeat him. It was a one-sided affair with Lee taking the TNT Championship. 

The Go Big Show, which tapes in August, will look different this time around. Snoop Dogg has been replaced by DJ Khaled for the season, which consists of 10 episodes.