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A Second Amendment twist on the National Anthem might suddenly become your new favorite version. Without using musical instruments or even a voice, Veteran-owned and operated Black Rifle Coffee Company might have made the most American performance of the Star Spangled Banner ever. 

The National Anthem stirs a lot of emotions for patriotic Americans. For decades, it has helped unify us under the flag. We joined together to sing or listen to it.

While some people don’t feel the same way today, it will always resonate these feelings for proud Americans. 

National Anthem With Second Amendment Firepower

Black Rifle Coffee Company understands those patriotic emotions. As a Veteran-owned company that also employees many Veterans, they understand the importance of our National Anthem and Independence Day.

They also are unabashed Second Amendment supporters.

This is a company with many employees who fought for our freedoms. 

This company doesn’t shy away from loving our country in its marketing. Rather, they embrace the flag while others kneel. 

The put a very different spin on the Star Spangled Banner.

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Using Second Amendment muscle, Black Rifle Coffee’s version will have you cheering. They use firearms to play the National Anthem and they mastered it perfectly. 

Not only that, this video breaks the leftwing media driven stereotype that only old white guys love the Second Amendment.

As you will see in this video, people of different races and both genders understand the importance of firearms. 

You can watch Black Rifle Coffee’s awesome version of the National Anthem in the video below. You’ll probably want to watch it on repeat and share it!

Wow! That took some dedication and training to make that happen! 

Veteran-Owned Black Rifle Coffee

Patriotism is at the core of Black Rifle Coffee’s mission.

Of course they are selling coffee but they do this in a manner that is unashamedly in support of the values of our nation. Many of their brands have firearms and flags right on the package.

Names like “Liberty Roast,” “Freedom Fuel,” and “AK Expresso” reflect their respect for the Second Amendment. And of course, this veteran owned company donates coffee to our troops. 

The Veteran-owned roasters use the hashtag #americascoffee on Twitter. These people bleed red, white, and blue.

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They support not only our troops but also those who serve in law enforcement. These are people who put their lives on the line for our freedoms. Now, they are giving us their all providing  us with high quality caffeinated fuel. 

Cheers to you, Black Rife Coffee Company, on a great mission and product!

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