National Anthem duo

A viral video of two strangers coming together for an impromptu duet of our National Anthem is both beautiful and uplifting. The results of this chance performance are truly stunning. And the story behind it is even more fun!

College student Madisen Hallberg was being filmed singing “The Star Spangled Banner” in a park for her virtual commencement from Portland State University. It was an acoustic solo, so she wasn’t expecting any hiccups. But then a man nearby heard her singing and decided to join in. 

Mystery Man Is A Professional Opera Singer

Typically an impromptu harmony might throw a singer off, but not Madisen. The mystery man’s voice perfectly complimented hers. And for good reason.

The stranger who joined Madisen for the impromptu National Anthem duet is  a professional opera singer.

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The chances of this encounter are so slim that this certainly was meant to happen!

Emmanuel Henreid is a classically trained singer who performs in the Portland Opera. He wasn’t sure how Madisen would react, but it worked out splendidly. 

“All the sudden, we just started harmonizing,” Henreid, who goes by Onry, said, “I came in on the verse, and she was kind of surprised a little bit. Like, OK, this is great.”

Watch Madisen and Onry’s memorable performance of the National Anthem in the video below. You’ll understand why this video went viral!

Black Man And White Woman Sing National Anthem Duet

In this time of racial unrest, the fact that Madisen is white and Onry is black also highlights the fact that there is more that unites us as Americans than divides us. 

“This African American male just walking up and singing with this woman who happens to be white,” Onry said. “And there’s a beautiful moment that happens there.”

When Onry joined in and walked up by Madisen, a smile immediately flashed across her face. She wasn’t expecting it but she welcomed it. One social media commenter said this video is a “symbol of unity, hope and strength for our country.”

I completely agree. 

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This is perfectly timed as our National Anthem is under attack by people who want to change it or even scrap it all together. These two understand how beautiful it is and how it represents the strength and fortitude of our nation. 

Both singers spoke about this chance encounter. Onry was definitely at the right place at the right time! You can watch that interview in the video below. 

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