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Sonya Deville – In-Ring Return, Another King of The Ring?

Good news for Sonya Deville fans! She's training for an in-ring return! Plus, is the WWE gearing up for another King of the Ring tourney?

Sonya Deville hasn’t been in action for almost a year now. She took some time off in 2020, and when she came back in 2021, Sonya was placed in a WWE Official role. News has hit she is training for an in-ring return.

Sonya Deville Training For In-Ring Comeback

Sonya Deville hasn’t been in a wrestling match since last year’s SummerSlam. It was a “loser leaves WWE” bout against Mandy Rose.

Deville took some time off shortly after the match. She was dealing with a bad stalker situation.

Fans were pleasantly surprised in January 2021 when Deville returned to television screens. While she took a WWE official role, it was nice to see Sonya back within storylines.

The WWE Universe was surprised she didn’t start wrestling right away. Instead, Deville has been helping to book matches, alongside Adam Pierce.

Sonya Deville Currently Training For In-Ring Return

There’s some good news for fans who can’t wait to see Sonya back in action. According to reports, she’s training at the moment for an in-ring return.

Interestingly, the plan was to have Deville back in that squared circle by WrestleMania. However, things kept getting pushed back, weekly.

The good news is that regardless, Sonya is given TV time regularly, even if she doesn’t have to take bumps. The even better news is that it sounds like she’ll be back in the ring, very soon.

Time for Deville to once again “put her hair up, and square up”. Meanwhile, another return could be brewing in the works, which is a King of the Ring tourney.

WWE King of The Ring Returning?

The last time WWE held a King of the Ring (KOTR) tournament was in 2019. At that point, Baron Corbin was given the crown.

Sonya Deville In-Ring Return
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Recently, Shinsuke Nakamura stole his crown. This has left some question marks around who the “king” of the WWE is.

Could this lead to another King of the Ring tournament? Adam Pierce offered some insight recently.

A 2021 WWE King Of The Ring Tournament On The Horizon?

Pierce replied to Corbin’s visit to The Bump, where the panel talked about another King of the Ring tourney. He said that they’ve considered this before.

Corbin had a lot to say on The Bump about KOTR. He noted that “everyone” is eyeing the crown, just like a championship title.

Baron went on to state they want “a chance” to earn it. Corbin referenced the fact that Shinsuke stole his crown.

Baron also referenced the fact that Xavier Woods is looking for an opportunity to “earn” the crown. He stated that it’s important to Woods and his career.

It’s interesting to note that Xavier has pulled for another King of the Ring tournament. What a great layer to add to his character if he did win KOTR.

During Baron Corbin’s appearance on The Bump, he also noted that “a tournament” is what’s needed to wear the crown. Could he be foreshadowing a KOTR tourney on the horizon?

It’s hard to say at this point. There is no report confirming that WWE is organizing this, at the moment.

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