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With his blue brand push somewhat stalled, we are hearing of possible WWE Draft plans for Big E. Also, following his release a earlier this year, what’s Lars Sullivan’s next gig?

Possible WWE Draft Plans For Big E

2021 has not worked out quite the way he might have expected, but based on some possible WWE Draft plans for Big E, things might be changing soon.

Though nothing has been announced officially, the 2021 Draft is supposedly set for late August and early September.

With Vince McMahon knowing his product is stale, the draft process likely cannot come soon enough.

Shaking up a roster (if, that is, WWE really shakes things up) will be one way to change things up. An expected return of some bigger names, even if in the short term, should help too.

So, this is where those possible WWE Draft plans for Big E get interesting.

During the 2020 draft, WWE surprised many fans by breaking up the New Day. Big E landed as a solo act on the blue brand, with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods working on RAW.

At the time, it was rumored that Big E could be in line for a major push. As in, possibly going after the Universal Championship.

There was a belief that Big E could have gotten his title shot at WrestleMania. Things didn’t work out that way, but since he arrived on SmackDown, he did at least have an Intercontinental Championship reign.

Now, according to WrestleVotes, we might be getting a reunion of sorts..

One plan in place is for Big E to be drafted back to RAW. In that plan, it appears as though both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would remain on the red brand, though the trio may not formally reunite.

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Once on the red brand, if the plan stays true, Big E could finally get that main event push. Perhaps culminating with a WWE Championship.

Whether he would be taking the belt from Bobby Lashley, Brock Lesnar or someone else? That is an entirely different question.

Lars Sullivan’s Next Gig

The Freak was poised to do big things in WWE, but following his release, we ask: what is Lars Sullivan’s next gig going to be?

The former Superstar could have been one of the next monster heels. It was said that that hope was one reason Sullivan stuck around as long as he did.

After all, it seemed as though Sullivan had quite a tumultuous past…and managed to obscure a lot of it from WWE.

After he hit both NXT and eventually the main roster, his past emerged.

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Old online forum posts surfaced, showing off Sullivan’s true self.

On top of that, someone unearthed his sordid adult movie career.

Back on the market, Sullivan may not be doing movies again. 

However, it seems the massive athlete will put his size to use in another combat sport.

According to Fightful, Lars Sullivan’s next gig might be as a bare knuckle boxer.

I say might be, because according to the report, Sullivan has only recently begun to train for the sport.

It will be interesting to see if he can make this latest career path work out for him.

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