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Yesterday, we reported that hammer thrower Gwen Berry protested the national anthem at the U.S. Olympic trials. She turned away from the American flag and draped a t-shirt over her head. She also expressed her anger that the national anthem was even played in the first place. 

Disrespecting the national anthem – remind you of anyone?

Many have accused Berry of doing this just to follow the anti-American “woke” craze that has unfortunately swept across our nation.

However, radio host Clay Travis has another far more dubious theory as to what her motives may be.

After seeing the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick make millions off of disrespecting the national anthem and the American flag, Clay Travis thinks Berry may be looking for a similar “payday” by following suit. 

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Travis Sounds Off

Travis told Fox News that he is expecting many Kaepernick “copycats” trying to cash in on the “America is awful” trend at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Take a look:

“Since when is winning a medal while representing your country and having the national anthem play a ‘setup’ in any magnitude at all?” Travis said “I mean, this is all ridiculous. Nobody knows this woman.”

“And I think what we’re going to see a lot of, unfortunately, as the Olympic trials continue and as we move into the Olympics next month, is everybody is looking for their Colin Kaepernick payday. Right?” he continued.

“No one has ever been paid more for saying America is awful than Colin Kaepernick, whose career as an athlete ended but he became an icon on the far left for saying America is a tremendously awful place,” Travis stated. 

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Olympics Won’t Unify Us This Year

While the Olympics are typically a time of unity, Travis does not expect that the games will bring the country together this year as they typically do:

“And I think there are a lot of athletes with envy for Colin Kaepernick becoming a martyr in many ways based on not his athletic talents, but based on his response to the national anthem.”

“And I expect that we’re going to see a lot of copycats such as this woman, there will probably be many more. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the Olympics are going to be the unifying spirit that they usually are because there’s a lot of money to be made by saying America stinks.”

Social Media Users Agree

Various social media users agreed with Travis:

It’s sad that we’ve devolved so much as a society that people can expect to make millions simply off disrespecting America.

If more athletes start looking for the “Colin Kaepernick paydays” by trashing our country on a global stage, we are all in for a nauseating and long Olympic games indeed. 

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