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Fox Sports host Clay Travis blasted Colin Kaepernick after the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s publishing company announced a release date for his new book calling for police and prison abolition. 

Kaepernick’s book “Abolition For The People: The Movement For A Future Without Policing & Prisons” is set to be released in October. 

Clay Travis Calls Out Kaepernick 

While talking to Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio, Travis said that despite the fact that liberals have tried to turn Kaepernick into some kind of martyr, his “problems exceeds his talent” in football

“Kaepernick is no victim,” Travis said. “He’s made far more money talking about how awful America is from Nike and many of these other woke corporations than he ever would have made as a backup quarterback in his thirties in the NFL. He’s maybe making more money saying America is awful than anyone in the history of the United States”

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Travis also addressed Kaepernick’s new book, claiming that he didn’t actually write it. 

“He also didn’t write that book,” he claimed. “The idea that Colin Kaepernick’s sitting there in front of a laptop adjusting or writing any words at all would be stunning to me.”

Tweets from Kaepernick’s publishing company indicate that the book will include essays written by other people, which does indeed call into question how much of the book will actually be written by the former athlete. 

Travis Doesn’t Think He Is Helping Civil Rights

Not stopping there, Travis expressed his belief that Kaepernick has not actually done anything to help civil rights. 

“I don’t think Colin Kaepernick has aided the discussion in any way in this country,” Travis continued. “In fact, I think he’s actually made it a lot less safe for young kids in America. Because he’s convinced them that the police are the enemy and we’re seeing murder rates skyrocket.”

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You can listen to Clay Travis and Brian Kilmeade discuss Colin Kapernick below:

Kaepernick’s History

Kaepernick has certainly made a lucrative career playing the role of an anti-American victim.

He made headlines back in the 2016 NFL season when he began taking a knee during the national anthem before 49ers games. He claimed that he was doing so to protest against racial inequality in America.

Many Americans were understandably offended by this, however, as they saw the move as a clear sign of disrespect to our flag and those who have fought for it. 

Kaepernick has not been signed by another team since he left the 49ers at the beginning of 2017. Liberals claim he’s been blacklisted by the “racist” NFL for his beliefs.

They conveniently ignore the fact that he led the 49ers to a losing record in 2016. Perhaps Travis was right when he said Kaepernick’s “problems exceed his talent.”

Since then, Kaepernick has made millions as a liberal darling through deals with brands like Nike and Ben & Jerry’s.

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Despite this, he continues to play the victim like it’s his job as he also preaches about the “evils” of America.

Clay Travis is one of the few people who has the guts to publicly say it, but there are undoubtedly millions of Americans who would agree with his assessment of Kaepernick. 

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