Piers Morgan Torches Gwen Berry – Says She Should Let A Proud American Go To Olympics In Her Place

Piers Morgan is incensed that hammer thrower Gwen Berry disrespected the U.S. when getting third place at the Olympic trials this week.

Yesterday, we reported that hammer thrower Gwen Berry had protested the national anthem at the U.S. Olympic trials.

Now, British television personality Piers Morgan is firing back by letting Berry know that if she’s so disgusted by the United States, she should give up her spot at the Olympics to someone who is actually proud to represent this country.

Morgan Sounds Off Against Berry

Morgan torched Berry in a scathing op-ed for The Daily Mail, holding nothing back as he dubbed her the “clear Gold-medal favourite in the Attention-Seeking Brat race.”

As the national anthem played following her third place finish in the Olympic trials, Morgan said that Berry “sulked, she sighed, she frowned, and she eye-rolled in one of the most pathetic tantrums I’ve ever seen from anyone supposedly representing their country.”

Afterwards, she claimed she’d been “set up” by event organizers who knew that she would not want to stand there while our anthem played. 

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“I felt like they did it on purpose,” she said.

Morgan, however, was not having any of it.

‘Really, Gwen?’

“Really, Gwen?” Morgan questioned. “You think the people running a huge and very complex logistical operation like the US Olympic trials during a global pandemic had nothing better to do than secretly plot to annoy you, the third best female performer at the Hammer?”

“God, the mind-blowing dismissive arrogance of this statement,” he added. “No offence, but to borrow a line from Top Gun, methinks your ego’s writing cheques your body can’t cash.”

Morgan went on to point out that the anthem being played had nothing to do with Berry. It’s is “played at around the same time, 5.30pm, on each day of the trials.”

“Does she have any idea what happens at the actual Olympics?” he continued. “Let me help you, Ms Berry: they play the national anthem of each event’s winning competitor as they stand with the 2nd and 3rd placed athletes on a podium.”

Morgan offered a very small defense of Berry when he stated, “I don’t believe in cancel culture,” so he won’t be joining those who say she “should be dropped from the US Olympic team for expressing herself in a way I dislike. She is entitled to her opinion.”

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Morgan Has One Question For Berry

However, Morgan concluded his piece by saying that he would have one question to ask Berry if he ever gets the chance.

But I would simply ask her this: if you genuinely feel such shame in America’s anthem and flag that you feel the need to throw such a pathetic tantrum, why would you WANT to represent your country?

Surely the braver, more principled thing to do is withdraw, and let someone replace you who feels pride, not shame, in representing America? 

As per usual, Morgan is spot on.

Millions of Americans are tired of watching spoiled athletes lecture the rest of us about how awful our great nation is.

Some social media users are suggesting Berry become an actor.

If Berry and her fellow radicals hate America so much, they can leave and find other countries to represent.

We certainly would not miss them here. We’d much rather see athletes who are proud of our anthem on the Olympic podium. 

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