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October 5, 2021
Piers Morgan said that there’s a place in “Hell” reserved for Katie Couric over her treatment of her female coworkers.
September 7, 2021
Olympic champion and arguably greatest gymnast ever Simone Biles has absolutely had it with the haters. She took to Instagram to respond.
Rapinoe Biden Mensah-Stock
August 24, 2021
Joe Biden said that Megan Rapinoe “represents” America’s best despite anthem kneeling. He ignored a pro-U.S. Olympic wrestler.
Megan Rapinoe Subway survey boycott ads Piplsay
August 20, 2021
A survey has shown that nearly half of all of Americans want Megan Rapinoe to be dropped by Subway for her anti-American antics.
Megan Rapinoe retiring USWNT Hope Solo Carli Lloyd
August 18, 2021
Following the USWNT bringing home bronze in Tokyo, Megan Rapinoe says she is “thinking about” retiring from soccer “a lot”.
Megan Rapinoe Hope Solo anthem kneeling USWNT Olympics soccer
August 17, 2021
USWNT goalie Hope Solo claims Megan Rapinoe would “almost bully” soccer players to kneel during the national anthem.
Kevin Sorbo Tamyra Mensah-Stock
August 11, 2021
Kevin Sorbo was thrilled how Olympian Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s clear, glowing pride in our country and urges those who don’t like it to leave.
Gable Steveson
August 10, 2021
After capturing an Olympic gold medal, Gable Steveson can decide whatever he wants to do next with his future in WWE, UFC or anywhere.
Megan Rapinoe Subway
August 9, 2021
Subway franchises are demanding that Megan Rapinoe ads be dropped because of her anti-American antics and Subway customers are sharing their opinions, too.
big nxt changes coming
August 9, 2021
Following a rough Friday for the brand, big NXT changes are coming. Plus, both WWE & UFC want an Olympic gold medalist to join their rosters.
Megan Rapinoe gold medal
August 6, 2021
Megan Rapinoe’s teammate Carli Lloyd, the only player who didn’t kneel before the game against Australia, says they didn’t “deserve” to win the gold medal.
Trump Megan Rapinoe
August 5, 2021
Donald Trump has reignited his feud with soccer star Megan Rapinoe calling her “the woman with purple hair” and saying she played “terribly.”
Sean Hannity Gwen Berry
August 5, 2021
Sean Hannity knocked how Gwen Berry behaved toward the U.S. and relished how she “fell flat” at the Games while praising Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s patriotism.
Tamyra Mensah-Stock
August 4, 2021
Tamyra Mensah-Stock defeated Blessing Oborududu for the gold medal and gleefully praised America “I’m so happy I get to represent USA!”
Gwen Berry Olympics
August 3, 2021
Olympic athlete and activist Gwen Berry flopped at the Olympics and failed to win a medal on Tuesday in the hammer throwing competition.
Carissa Moore surfing
August 2, 2021
Hawaiian native Carissa Moore, who went to the same school as Barack Obama, brought home the first Gold medal for the U.S. in surfing.
USNWT loss Canada Megan Rapinoe
August 2, 2021
American soccer star Megan Rapinoe and the USNWT took a loss to Canada in the Olympic semifinals, saying it is “bitter to swallow.”