Backstage Opinion On Baron Corbin, Otis Changes Things Up Again

backstage opinion baron corbin
source: custom, NoDQ Twitter Screenshot

He may be someone fans love to hate, but what is the backstage opinion on Baron Corbin like? Plus, Otis changes things up once again, which is becoming a thing for him.

Backstage Opinion On Baron Corbin

He’s generally a heel, so fans are supposed to hate him…but what is the backstage opinion on Baron Corbin?

From where I sit, it’s easy to dislike and hate his character-partly meaning he is a good heel.

Sometimes, it means I use his matches as time to go take the dog out, because I am not always invested in the matches.

However, the backstage opinion on Baron Corbin is quite different.

While fans tend to react negatively to him, the backstage opinion is amazingly positive.

backstage opinion baron corbin

source: custom, NoDQ Twitter Screenshot

According to the Mat Men Podcast, Corbin is “beloved”.

It is said he is very laid back and extremely easy to work with.

In a world where we are so used to hearing stories about how Superstars can be amazingly egotistical and hard to work with…Corbin seems to be the polar opposite.

As such, if he truly is that easy going and great to work with, it certainly makes more sense why he keeps getting great spots.

People-as in writers and Superstars-want to work with him.

If he can maintain such a positive outlook after his incredibly blown Money In The Bank cash-in from another lifetime…then not much will make him turn sour.

This new information does make us wonder…for someone who has basically always been a heel in NXT and WWE…will the company finally turn the Superstar into a face?

Could that be the change that gets fans behind him?

Otis Changes Things Up Again

Otis has had an eventful 12 months, and now Otis changes things up yet again.

Last year, he was a babyface…he had a major love interest in Mandy Rose…and he was the most unlikely Money In The Bank briefcase holder since James Elsworth.

Since then, he’s seen his tag partner turn on him and then leave the company.

That love interest? Story line over.

Briefcase went to The Miz, which was a short-lived transition.

Oh, and Otis isn’t even a babyface anymore.

Now, Otis is aligned with Chad Gable in Alpha Academy. As a recently-minted heel, the Superstar changed up his look a few weeks back.

Made him look less scruffy, giving the heel Otis a different look.

otis changes again

source: custom, WWE Buiness1 Twitter Screenshot

Now, he’s changing things up once again.

Arguably, we could say that Otis has really just finished his overhaul.

Not long ago, he ditched the scruffy beard. Clean-shaven Otis as an intense heel works.

Now, he has also gotten a haircut, going for a much more all-around clean look.

It could be that poor Otis couldn’t get to see his favorite barber since last March, and finally managed to get taken care of.

Or, it’s the easy distinction that the long hair and scruffy beard was the Otis that fans loved…and now ditching those reminds us all that this is a very different Otis.

In the end, the look means little. It’s up to Alpha Academy and Otis to deliver as heels in the ring…or the Superstar could be changing his look once again.