why otis lost mitb

Many WWE fans want to know why Otis lost the MITB briefcase, and did you know there are wrestlers banned from ThunderDome?

Why Otis Lost MITB Briefcase

There has been plenty of discussion surrounding why Otis lost the MITB briefcase at Hell In A Cell.

why otis lost mitb

To some fans, it was a shocking and disappointing move. To other fans, it was a corrective measure for a decision that should have never happened.

According to the Wrestling Observer, here’s why WWE took the briefcase away from Otis.

To be blunt, they had no plans for Otis to cash in and win against Roman Reigns. It seemed that they had no plans for him to cash in at all on anyone.

Let that sink in.

WWE, with one of their bigger attractions each year, had no plans on what to do with the man who won the briefcase.

Here’s a crazy thought: if you have no plans for what Otis could do with it…maybe don’t put it on him?

On one hand, Otis was getting a bit over, and it was said that he had some very important fans within WWE.

However, if you looked at Otis before Money In The Bank, nothing really made anyone think he was an obvious future world champion. That is why his quirky win was so stunning.

It is also why having Otis drop the briefcase to The Miz was, simply put, a course correction.

A heel losing a cash-in isn’t so bad (look at Baron Corbin). An established Superstar can cash in and lose and it won’t much matter (look at John Cena).

A failed cash in by Otis would have likely been a disaster.

So, instead of having him fail, they let someone else cash in and Otis gets to feud with Tucker.

Of course, WWE could have had Tucker cost Otis the win during his cash in attempt, which would have been a bit unique…but would have still been a wasted cash in.

Wrestlers Banned From ThunderDome

WWE has made a big deal about their ThunderDome experience, but it hasn’t been without issues. There are some wrestlers banned from ThunderDome, and that list was recently revealed.

That bit of information comes to us courtesy of Heel By Nature. The site caught a news item covering the group behind the WWE ThunderDome concept.

The company behind the concept is The Famous Group. They recently won an award for ThunderDome at the 2020 Sportel Awards.

During that award ceremony, some behind the scenes coverage of ThunderDome was revealed…and at least one portion of it was very revealing.

We already knew that WWE had banned some fans for being idiots relative to what they used their ThunderDome appearances for.

Who else is banned?

Now, we have a few more faces and logos that we shouldn’t expect to see on a ThunderDome screen any time soon.

One behind the scenes shot revealed a banned list. On that list were the logos for WWE competitor AEW, as well as IMPACT!.

On top of those competing domestic brands, New Japan Pro was seen on the list. Some wrestlers banned from showing up?

Chris Benoit (who’s likeness was already seen), along with Cody Rhodes and several other AEW stars. Also, former WWE Superstar Ryback is on the banned list.

That may seem curious, but he’s been quite outspoken against WWE in recent years, so it makes sense.

In the grand scheme of things, WWE having wrestlers (or logos) banned from appearing on ThunderDome shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

After all, in a live event scenario, WWE screens fans and their posters, and any questionable or objectionable material is usually taken away before the fans get to their seats.

If something is missed, officials are usually quick to respond during a live show. This banned list is just WWE’s way of doing the same in a virtual experience.