wwe burying jeff hardy
source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

We have a couple of hot questions for this one: is WWE burying Jeff Hardy, and where is Velveteen Dream?

Is WWE Burying Jeff Hardy

It is a simple enough question: is WWE burying Jeff Hardy?

For some context, think about the last couple times we have seen the former champion in action.

A week or so back, Hardy was spotted being used as basically a jobber for a returning Jinder Mahal on a TV taping.

This week, on RAW, we saw the same match, just properly on live television. Different week, same results.

Short match against a rusty and returning Jinder Mahal, and effectively, Hardy was jobbed out.

wwe burying jeff hardy

source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

So, is WWE burying Jeff Hardy?

According to Wrestling News, no, WWE is not burying Jeff Hardy.

That may not seem evident based on recent results. But they did offer some explanations.

The simplest explanation is that WWE is pushing different talent…and for some new talent to get pushed, other talent gets set aside.

With that, Hardy is doing what a strong veteran does, and helping get someone back into the swing of things.

However, it was not that long ago that Jeff Hardy re-signed with WWE. One component of that deal, which Hardy himself spoke about, involved some eventual changes.

Specifically, with Hardy very much a solo Hardy act in WWE now, he insisted on an eventual return of his “No More Words” entrance.

Per the report, that is still in the plans.

Perhaps, given Hardy’s knack for recreating himself, WWE should properly write him off television for a couple months.

Let him come back, perhaps post-SummerSlam, with a new (or, perhaps, old) persona and a return to the desired theme.

Given his relatively recent re-signing, however, unless WWE is looking to cut bait and run, we should see more of Hardy in the future.

Where Is Velveteen Dream

The bigger question of the week? Where is Velveteen Dream?

Dream was on a rocket ship toward the main roster…and then a series of scandals marred his rise.

We haven’t seen him on television in quite a while. 

where is velveteen dream

source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

There were actually reports that Velveteen Dream was backstage this Monday at RAW. With that rumor, fans were expecting, or at least hoping, for his RAW debut.

That did not happen.

So…where is Velveteen Dream, or what has he been up to?

According to PWInsider, Velveteen Dream was indeed at RAW. But from there, things get a bit curious.

Based on the report, his appearance was more a touchpoint. He was at no time scheduled to actually be a part of RAW.

In fact, the report continues, it has been months since he has even been seen at the WWE Performance Center.

So…we know where Velveteen Dream was…but not where he will be next, or even when.

The scandals really crushed his short term prospects (if unfounded, as WWE alleged an internal investigation showed). More likely, they may derail any long term viability with WWE if there was even some truth to the stories out there.

There is a lot to unpack. With how many rumors were out there-some with audio that sounded like Dream-it’s the old “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” scenario.

However, there is also innocent until proven otherwise.

It can be said, in light of all the recent releases, that WWE still supports Velveteen Dream and believes in him-he has not yet been released.

Worth mentioning though, we used to say the same thing about Lars Sullivan. In spite of reported support from Vince McMahon, WWE did finally release Sullivan earlier in 2021.

Will we see a similar fate for Dream? Or will he finally get back into a WWE ring?