Velveteen Dream Buried WWE

Fans are speculating that WWE’s Velveteen Dream was buried at TakeOver 31. In other news, it appears that Riddick Moss has been wrestling injured. 

Velveteen Dream Buried By WWE?

Velveteen Dream Buried During Kushida Match?

During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer RadioDave Meltzer speculated about Velveteen Dream. Rumors are rampant that the star is being written off NXT.

“There’s obviously something up with Velveteen Dream especially with the way the finish went I don’t know if it’s he’s going to the main roster which would be scary as hell because of the way he’s looked the last couple of months, or they’ve got some story where he gets destroyed and comes back and that’s the story they’re telling, or like it was so overdone with the crying and stuff at the end, like if it were just the match and the finish they did an a little bit of the post-match I’d be like ‘okay they’re phasing him out.’”

The speculation started after Velveteen Dream was beaten by Kushida at TakeOver 31. However, he did not just get beaten, he got destroyed.

Dream Scandal Finally Caught Up?

Velveteen Dream at TakeOver 31

Velveteen Dream has been in the firing line these past few months. The wrestler stood accused of sexual misconduct.

While nothing was proven, fans continued to ask for Velveteen Dream to be fired. The same happened during his match against Kushida. 

The #FireVelveteenDream is still going strong. 

Velveteen Dream was not charged or convicted of any crime. However, the bad press surrounding The Dream could mean the end of his career on the black and gold brand.

RAW Superstar Injured

Riddick Moss Injured

Riddick Moss has been impressing WWE brass as well as fans. However, an injury could be throwing a spanner in the works.

On his social media, Riddick Moss revealed he has been wrestling injured. According to the wrestler, he spent the last two months wrestling with a torn ACL.

While it could be a case of self-promotion, wrestling with an injury is anything but safe. Needless to say, it pulls into question the health and safety regulations in the WWE.

Riddick Moss Could Face A Considerable Recovery Time

Riddick Moss Torn ACL

A torn ACL is not an uncommon injury among wrestlers. It is also a relatively common injury among football players. 

While Riddick Moss is not the first to suffer a torn ACL and make a return, it is an injury that could require a lengthy recovery. Other wrestlers who suffered a similar injury in the past include Big Cass and Tegan Nox.

The average recovery time for a torn ACL is six to nine months. In some rare cases, wrestlers make a faster return due to the extra physiotherapy they get from WWE physicians. 

To repair the ACL, most wrestlers need knee ligament surgery. Once the surgery is done, it takes a couple of months to recover. 

WrestleNewz wishes Riddick Moss the best during his recovery. We hope he can return to active wrestling soon.

In the meantime, we will keep fans posted on his recovery progress. Be sure to check back in soon.