Matt Hardy Upset

A usually calm Matt Hardy was upset following the dangerous chair shot by Sammy Guevara from last week. Also, fans were not happy to see Velveteen Dream back on TV following several accusations involving children.

Matt Hardy Upset

On Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Matt Hardy showed the aftermath of Sammy Guevara’s chair shot. For those who missed it, two weeks ago a segment went very wrong.

Hardy and Guevara were battling on the outside, when a chair was introduced. Guevara tossed the chair and it clipped Hardy in the head, requiring 13 stitches.

As reported earlier, there were two chairs and one was designed for the spot. Unfortunately, Guevara chucked the wrong chair and that is where the problems started.

Once Guevara got to the back, he was chewed out by management. Hardy’s wife also took to Twitter and was not happy that her husband was left a bloody mess.

According to Fightful, many in the back believed the spot was performed recklessly. Even Hardy was not happy with what occurred.

Hardy is considered mild-mannered and is there to help young talent. But, he was apparently heated with what Guevara did. 

Despite apologizing, there was a tremendous amount of heat on Guevara. Over a week later and we are not sure if cooler heads have prevailed.

Bad Few Weeks for Guevara

The timing of the events does not help Guevara. He only returned the promotion a few weeks ago after being suspended.

Audio, which featured Guevara from several years, started to go viral. In the soundbite, Guevara talked about visiting the WWE Performance Center and seeing Sasha Banks.

He proclaimed that she was beautiful and wanted to rape her. AEW took action by suspending Guevara, getting him help and donating his pay to charity.

Guevara would apologize for the remarks and stated he made a dumb mistake when he was younger. Banks also issued a statement and said she would not speak on the matter any further.

Since Guevara is in The Inner Circle, AEW clearly sees him as a future singles star. Although, fans will have to see if his past mistakes cost him that spot.

For now, Guevara and Hardy will settle their feud inside the wrestling ring. They battle Saturday, August 22, on a special episode of Dynamite.

Due to the NBA playoffs, some upcoming episodes of AEW Dynamite on TNT needed to be switched around.

Fans Angry WWE Brought Velveteen Dream Back

There were questions regarding the future of Velveteen Dream due to the #SpeakingOut movement. Between April and June, there were several accusations made against Dream.

They included Dream being accused of sending nude pictures to children and also grooming young boys. Dream denied all those claims and WWE seemed to find no hard evidence as he returned during the main event of NXT.

This marked Dream’s first appearance since Takeover: In Your House. At the show, Dream lost a Backlot Brawl to then NXT Champion Adam Cole.

Despite returning to TV, fans were not pleased with WWE’s decision. Many believe the the stories about Dream and want action taken place.

Negativity Pours In From Fans