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WWE and A&E have partnered to run programs dedicated to major Superstars and their stories, but a controversial segment was left out of Booker T’s  Biography special. Plus, an AEW star suffers a major injury.

Controversial Segment Left Out Of Biography

You may know by now that WWE and A&E have been doing a Biography series featuring notable WWE Superstars. Recently, however, a controversial segment was left out of Booker T’s  Biography special.

That segment was dropped because it probably should have never been done to begin with.

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To be clear, this was not something cut by A&E. The segments in question refer to the historical footage and discussion of them.

As in, plenty of clips exist of Booker T over his illustrious career…and plenty of clips could not make it into a two hour (less, really) documentary.

This one wrestling segment was one that just never made it into a final cut or even a rough cut of the special.

That part is confirmed by a man very key to the series, and is detailed by his recent tweets.

Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

The segments in question cover the build up between Booker T and Triple H ahead of WreslteMania XIX. It was at that event that Booker T would challenge Triple H for the Heavyweight Championship.

The language used in the promos leading up to that major match can be called questionable, to put it mildly.

Also…the segments didn’t age well.

In fact, through the benefit of that hindsight, it’s amazing that it ever aired at all.

Some might be excused because of gimmicks-like Triple H referencing Booker T’s use of the word “sucka”.

The team responsible did their homework and collected tons of footage, including those unwise words from Triple H.

It makes sense as to why it was discussed during the creation of the Biography special. But it also makes sense as to why that footage was never used in any of the cuts.

AEW Star Suffered Major Injury

It is being reported that an AEW star may have suffered a major injury.

Fortunately, things are not as bad as they could have been.

Ricky Starks is the AEW star in question. According to the Voices of Wrestling, Starks suffered a major injury.

aew star suffered injury

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Or at least, what sounds like it should be one. In a match recently with Hangman Page, Starks sustained a fractured neck.

The injury is believed to have happened during a release German suplex.

A fractured neck sounds terrible, but according to the report, the expectation is that the AEW star may only miss three months of action.

Considering there are performers who have suffered far worse neck injuries from similar moves, three months down from a fractured neck seems like someone was looking out for Starks.

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