Booker T New Day
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New Day has accomplished so much in WWE, but Booker T thinks the stable should be done. Also, Blood & Guts saw violence, but not any major injuries.

Booker T Says New Day Should Be Done

When WWE divided up the brands, there were going to be big changes. One of the biggest saw New Day go from three members to two.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would remain on RAW, but Big E was sent to SmackDown. After about six years together, the tight-knit group underwent changes.

There is always the possibility WWE puts all three together again on the same brand or the rosters are combined. 

Booker T, during Hall of Fame radio show, addressed their future. According to Booker T, he thinks the stable has reached the end.

Booker T’s Reasoning For Splitting New Day 

“Where does New Day go from here man?,” said Booker T. “Have New Day run their course?” 

“Come on, let’s be real here. Who wants to see Kofi Kingston be a heel? Kofi’s a good guy, man! He’s a nice guy. I can’t see Kofi coming out and ripping somebody up like I would do or anything like that.” 

“I can’t see Xavier Woods, a college man, a doctor, acting like he’s a badass, like he’s a tough guy.” 

“My thing is this that, I just don’t know where the New Day goes. Big E is on an island of his own on SmackDown over there.” 

“Big E is trying to break out.  Xavier Woods is in singles competition. Kofi Kingston —  Kofi’s had a hell of a run. 

“Kofi’s been there 13 or 14 years. He’s been around a minute.” 

“I’m just wondering how much mileage is left in New Day, and I don’t think it’s much.  Let’s just say that.”

Current Status Of New Day

As a group, they have won the tag titles over 10 times across RAW and SmackDown. And, they were part of Kingston’s historic ride to winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Nowadays, Big E is trying to find his spot on SmackDown. He lost the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 37 to Apollo Crews.

At the same event, Kingston and Woods also ran into trouble. They lost their RAW Tag Team Championships to AJ Styles & Omas.

New Day have done big things as a stable, tag team and singles competitors. 

Blood & Guts Injuries

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AEW Dynamite scored over 1 million viewers this week and that is thanks to the main event. After a lengthy delay, AEW finally held Blood & Guts as The Pinnacle defeated The Inner Circle.

Surprisingly, PWInsider noted that there were no major injuries. Although, most of those involved will be feeling the pain for at least a week. 

The Pinnacle won as MJF threatened to throw Chris Jericho off the structure.

Below are images from some of the participants.