WWE Mansoor Monday Night Raw Unbeaten Streak Ends
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Bad news for WWE’s Mansoor, as his unbeaten streak on Monday Night Raw officially ended. Nevertheless, the superstar received a lot of praise from NXT Boss Triple H.

WWE’s Mansoor Undefeated Streak Ends On Monday Night Raw

WWE Mansoor Undefeated Streak Ends On Monday Night Raw

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWE

Mansoor’s unbeaten streak on Monday Night Raw has officially ended. With it, his record stands at 49.

Last week, Mansoor made his official main roster debut. He signed his contract in order to challenge the current United States Champion Sheamus. 

Mansoor was spotted backstage with Adam Pierce, during which he signed the contract. Unfortunately, the new arrival lost to the Celtic Warrior.

However, Sheamus did not get a clean win since the match was won through disqualification.

Humberto Carrillo came to the ring to attack Sheamus. So, with it Mansoor’s undefeated streak has officially ended.

Not everyone may be familiar with Mansoor, yet he had some big moments over the past couple of years. Most notably, the superstar had some significant wins on Saudi Arabia pay-per-views.

It now seems that the WWE trusts Mansoor to get on a top brand. And even though he lost his main roster debut, he did not lose clean and that is a good sign.

Time will tell what the WWE plans to do with Mansoor on the main roster. Since they have some strong ties with Saudi Arabia, he might play a big role in the months to come.

Triple H Praises New Main Roster Superstar


Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWE

Mansoor may have lost on Monday Night Raw, but this did not stop the praise from management. In fact, Triple H was quick to respond to the main roster debut on Monday Night Raw.

Triple H took to social media following Mansoor’s debut on RAW. And the praise from the NXT Boss was high!

“I’ve watched @KSAManny grow in and out of the ring since he first came to the @WWEPC. With stellar performances on #WWENXTand #WWE205Live, can’t wait to watch him on Monday Night #WWERaw!”

As expected, fans were quite divided on the Tweet sent out by Triple H. Of course, this has a lot to do with the current situation between the WWE and Saudi Arabia.

If you can remember, fans went into an uproar when the WWE signed a multi-year contract with Saudi Arabia. Fans called out the WWE for closing a deal with a country that wiped its feet with human rights, women’s rights, and even freedom of speech.

The WWE took little note of fans however and continued events in Saudi Arabia. This was also around the time the WWE made Mansoor more prominent and featured him in Saudi events.

Some fans reacted to Triple H’s praise with skepticism. One fan even noted this was nothing more than “Saudi money talking.”

On the other hand, some WWE fans are quite supportive of Mansoor. They state he has been busting his behind for years, only to be beaten upon his debut.

Either way, the reaction towards the WWE was overall negative. Maybe the WWE should revisit how they keep doing things?

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