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Source: Carol Burnett Show screenshots with Carol Burnett, Martha Raye, and Tim Conway via YouTube

Martha Raye joined the cast of “The Carol Burnett Show” for an episode in 1968. The comedic actress and singer known as “The Big Mouth” was true to her nickname in this memorable skit as a mother to her 11th baby. 

Carol Burnett had some of the top stars of the day on her long running variety/sketch comedy show. “The Carol Burnett Show” was must-see TV at the time and a who’s who of A-Listers wanted to be included on the long-running show. 

Martha Raye was at the top of her game at the time.

Here’s an earlier picture of Martha Raye:

Like many stars at the time, she jumped at the chance to appear in the beloved variety show. She’d earned her nickname “The Big Mouth” because the size of her mouth was large in comparison to her other facial features.

Right on cue, “The Big Mouth” brought her brand of physical comedy that fans loved to this episode. 

I adore this photo from a 1968 skit on “The Carol Burnett Show,” Betty Grable, Martha Raye, Jackie Gregory, Lyle Waggoner, Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett.

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Martha Raye Cracks Open A Beer 

The sketch comedy show was incredibly popular during its entire lengthy run on television. The cast worked so perfectly together, providing us with thousands of laughs over the years.  

Funny girl Martha Raye fit right in for this “Mothers In The Park” skit. 

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The comedian joined Carol Burnett in the park when they were out with their newborns.

It quickly became obvious that they weren’t going to be best friends. Their approach to parenting couldn’t have been more different.

Martha was cracking open and drinking a beer as she sat on a bench next to pretentious and wealthy Carol. 

Martha Raye was more of a free range parent while “Sterile Carol” was so protective of her baby that she wore a surgical mask when touching him. 

Carol Burnett Gets Swindled

Tim Conway stepped into the scene as a panhandler looking for money. Carol was willing to open her wallet just to get him away from her.

But Tim and Martha end up getting the last laugh at Carol’s expense as the uptight matriarch ends up paying for their dinner. 

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Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some laughs watching “The Carol Burnett Show” video below. 

“The Carol Burnett Show” captivated us for 11 seasons.

It was the ultimate family show of the day as the everyone could gather around the television together for some good laughs. 

This show stood the test of time at it remains funny and relative today.

Carol even sported that face mask long before the COVID-19 pandemic!

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