8 John Cena Dream Matches
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WWE legend John Cena hinted he wants to return to the WWE, and we lined up 6 dream matches he could have. Do they line up with yours?

The Fiend

8 John Cena Dream Matches

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

When talking about Dream Matches for John Cena, The Fiend is the most obvious option. After all, The Fiend was the last person Cena faced in the WWE.

During his last appearance, Cena had a cinematic match with The Fiend. Unfortunately, Cena faced his defeat during this match.

Despite his loss against The Fiend, Cena is one of the major attractions in the company. And since he is a company guy, some revenge against The Fiend would be smart booking.

Both The Fiend and John Cena would be massive draws. Needless to say, this particular match should take place during a major pay-per-view. 

If Cena does return to the WWE at one point, we hope The Fiend is on the bookings list.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

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A lot happened to Roman Reigns since he last faced John Cena. Obviously, this is one of the reasons why we selected him for one of John Cena’s dream matches.

Reigns’ character changed completely upon his return after his shielding break. The wrestler aligned himself with Paul Heyman, and turned into a massive heel in the process.

Roman had loads of success with his new heel persona. In fact, he even captured the Universal Championship.

With Roman turned heel, it could be the perfect time for a good old-fashioned face versus heel match. And who better than a returning John Cena to take on Reigns.

The last time Reigns and Cena faced each other, Reigns took the win. From that win, it was clear Cena passed the torch to Roman.

But with Roman’s character changed, there is room for a new challenge. Of course, it remains to be seen if Cena could beat Roman at this point in his career.

Brock Lesnar

John Cena Dream Matches

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Brock Lesnar also made it to our list of John Cena dream matches. However, he made it on our list for different reasons.

Lesnar has always been a big draw. Of course, a match against another box office hit such as John Cena would be a massive draw.

While not all fans are too keen on Brock Lesnar because of his track record these past five years, it would still be an interesting match up.

However, we should not expect a five-star match up in this case.



Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

We needed some five-star match-up material in this overview of John Cena dream matches. And there is nobody better in that regard than Cesaro.

Over the years, Cesaro and John Cena faced each other on numerous occasions. In fact, Cesaro came close to becoming the US Champion, K.O.’s interference ruined that chance.

Since Cena disappeared from the wrestling scene, things have been going better for Cesaro. Unfortunately, this has not translated in championship gold just yet. 

Cesaro still has time to capture that big moment though. And what bigger moment than beating one of the best wrestlers the company has ever seen.

Since Cesaro remained loyal to the WWE, it is time he gets a reward. A decent match with John Cena and a following win would be exactly what the doctor ordered. 

AJ Styles

AJ Styles

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AJ Styles cannot be missing from our overview of John Cena dream matches. After all, the wrestler had some iconic encounters with the “face that runs the place.”

Styles and Cena faced each other several times between 2016 and 2017. In fact, they were responsible for some outright classics. 

Cena and Styles can most definitely pull this off again, especially if Styles takes out his excellent heel work.

When Styles went against Cena, his one-liners were some of the most talked about topics in the wrestling universe.

Of course, fans would expect to see something new. A good idea would be a special match with some unique stipulations.

Unfortunately, we have to remember that Cena nor Styles are no longer in their prime. Then again, that does not mean both men cannot put on a classic at the moment.

There are lots of other things the WWE can do in terms of a storyline as well. Actually, John Cena could return as a heel and AJ Styles could be the face.

It has been years since we experienced John Cena as a heel. Needless to say, it would be amazing to see that again.

Cena could return with his old persona, which could be explained away through his previous harrowing experience with The Fiend. It is certainly something I would tune in for.

CM Punk

John Cena Dream Matches

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This match has been in the making for many years. Unfortunately, the chances of it happening are really small.

When CM Punk last feuded with John Cena, it led to the now called CM Punk “pipebomb.” The latter obviously turned him into a legend in wrestling circles.

It is alleged that there were real bad blood between Cena and CM Punk. But now it seems this bad blood has died over the years. 

The beauty about this match is that CM Punk could face John Cena easily without a title being on the line. In fact, it could be one of the biggest draws in WWE history.

Punk has appeared in the WWE as a reporter, but has not made his return to the wrestling ring. Having Cena and CM Punk face each other in the ring would be something made up in fantasy wrestling matches.

Needless to say, this is probably the top of potential John Cena dream matches. Unfortunately, it is not clear if either man would be interested in facing each other once more.

CM Punk still has some bad feelings towards the WWE, even though he has been less outspoken in recent years.

Cena is also a company guy, who probably did not appreciate Punk’s statements towards himself and the company years ago.

But maybe it is something the WWE could think about? After all, it could make them loads of money!

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