Daniel Cormier

Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier has made it quite obvious that he would like to step into the WWE ring in the near future.

Cormier, who hosts a podcast with Ariel Helwani called “DC & Helwani,” discussed the recent WWE WrestleMania 37 two-night mega-event. 

For “DC,” one wrestler stood out above all else when the dust was cleared from Tampa Bay.

And that was reigning WWE champion Roman Reigns, who topped both Edge and Daniel Bryan in the main event on Sunday night.

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

“Ultimately, my MVP, Roman Reigns,” Cormier said (thanks to sportskeeda.com for the quotes). “Dude’s a beast, man, the dude is a beast.

“I know him and I have our issues. Reigns and I have our issues, those aren’t done yet but the dude put on a show and I thought it was perfect the way he pinned them both because he’s supposed to pin them both.”

Could We See DC In WWE?

Cormier, who held both the UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight titles before announcing his retirement, was involved in some of the biggest battles and feuds inside the Octagon. Those included bouts with Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic during his career.

At the same time, a bout with Brock Lesnar never happened despite being teased. The two once came face-to-face inside the Octagon, but the fight never went down.

Cormier, a former amateur wrestling standout, has attended several WWE events in the past. He was also rumored to have taken part in a try-out to be an announcer for the top pro wrestling promotion.

He continued explaining his reason for giving Reigns props, saying “if you  ‘The Big Dog’ and you’re talking about doing stuff with me, you better pin Edge and Daniel Bryan together because otherwise you in trouble.”

Cormier also talked about the main event held on the first night between Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks. Belair won the women’s title during that match.

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

“I loved the Bianca Belair-Sasha Banks match,” he said. “The two main events really delivered for me.”