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What Next For Cesaro, WWE May Tour Internationally Soon

You may wonder, what's next for Cesaro now that he lost his first major singles title shot. Plus, WWE may be touring internationally soon.

If you caught WrestleMania Backlash, you know that Roman Reigns retained…so what next for Cesaro? Plus, it seems crazy to say it, but WWE may tour internationally soon.

What Next For Cesaro

After his loss in the main event of WrestleMania Backlash, there is a simple question: what next for Cesaro?

It is a fair question, all things considered.

Cesaro was a somewhat curious selection to challenge Roman Reigns. His opportunity was a long time coming and well-deserved…but just unexpected.

So, now that Cesaro took a clean loss and a couple post-match beatings…

What next for Cesaro?

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According to the Wrestling Observer, it sure looks like this might have been a one and done kind of opportunity for Cesaro.

While that may dismay the fans of the Swiss Superman…it’s just one interpretation of things so far.

To be fair, ahead of WrestleMania, there were plenty of times when it seemed like Daniel Bryan may not get involved in the title picture. In the end, he did.

Prior to WrestleMania, fans would have had no reason to think Cesaro would sniff a Universal Championship title shot on a PPV…yet at WrestleMania Backlash, that is exactly what we saw.

The ending of the show does give us reason to think that Cesaro was a one shot opponent, however.

The main reason for that? Following a beating by an eager-to-please Jey Uso, Seth Rollins got in on the fun.

Rollins, of course, was Cesaro’s WrestleMania opponent. Cesaro also defeated Seth Rollins in order to earn the Universal Championship shot in the first place.

While we may have thought that Cesaro and Rollins were done telling their story…the close of Backlash tells us otherwise.

It seems we will see another round of those two battling, while Roman Reigns may end up getting another new challenger.

With Hell In A Cell now our next PPV, could we actually see another Reigns-Uso Cell clash? Considering the tension between Reigns and the newly returned Jimmy Uso…it’s possible.

It would also be somewhat ironic, considering that just last year we saw Roman defeat Jey in the Cell, while also destroying the then-injured Jimmy.

WWE May Tour Internationally Soon

With so much of the world waking up as the pandemic restrictions are being eased…the WWE may tour internationally soon.

How soon remains unclear, but we do have some details that are leading to some speculation.

According to a post from Heel By Nature, the WWE corporate jet made it’s first international trip in over a year a couple months back.

Reportedly, the end destination was that favorite international spot for wrestling tours…Saudi Arabia.

wwe to tour internationally
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Honestly, this move might not please everyone, but we shouldn’t be shocked either.

WWE has a sensitive relationship with the region, by way of a long term and lucrative deal. It is a valuable revenue stream, and since the company has had a major lack of live shows for the past year…this isn’t a shock.

There is already going to be a massive boxing spectacle in Saudi Arabia this summer, with a very part time WWE guest netting a reported $75 million for his appearance. That would be going to Tyson Fury (and the same to his opponent).

The money talks, and with restrictions easing, it would seem very likely that we will see WWE back in Saudi Arabia by the end of 2021.

Consider also that Tyson Fury, who has worked with WWE in the recent past, was backstage at WrestleMania Backlash. Could Fury return to a WWE ring for that major event?

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