nxt reunion was rejected
source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

There are plenty of NXT alumni on the main rosters, yet one NXT reunion was rejected when pitched. Also, while we knew WWE had pursued The Young Bucks, we now know how much WWE did offer The Young Bucks.

NXT Reunion Was Rejected

Plenty of talent from NXT is now on the main roster, including some broken-up former tag teams. Well, in one case, an NXT reunion was rejected.

Many of you may recall, at one point there was an NXT tag team of Blake and Murphy. As in, Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy.

nxt reunion was rejected

source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Oh yes, forgot to mention, the duo were managed by a younger Alexa Bliss.

The duo did well in NXT, at one point claiming the NXT Tag Team Championships.

However, as we’ve often seen, the tag team success did not translate to much on the main roster. Of that trio, the one who has enjoyed the most success?

Alexa Bliss…who didn’t do a whole lot of note in NXT.

Blake and Murphy went their separate ways on the main roster. Blake linked up with a couple other Superstars to form the Forgotten Sons…but we all know that stable imploded.

Of that group, only Jaxson Ryker remains now. However, once WWE jettisoned Steve Cutler, we’ve learned that there was a push from creative for an NXT reunion.

Folks were pushing to get Blake and Murphy back together. However, since Blake has been released, it’s obvious that the NXT reunion was rejected.

Murphy is still hanging around, but he’s in a bit of limbo. He had a bit of a nice run alongside Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family…but now he’s biding his time.

At this point, it seems just as likely that we would see Murphy get released as anything else, which would be a shame. Murphy, even before his pairing with Rollins, had some very strong matches that impressed fans and Superstars alike.

As much as WWE could use good tag teams…we all know that WWE largely does the tag team division no justice.

That said, it’s not a huge shock that this particular NXT reunion was rejected

How Much Did WWE Offer Young Bucks

Before AEW was a thing, The Young Bucks were one of the hottest tag teams in the world not working for a major brand. WWE wanted them badly…so how much did WWE offer The Young Bucks?

Thanks to the Bucks appearance on a recent episode of the Talk N Shop podcast, we know that WWE did offer The Young Bucks quite a lot of bucks. 

wwe offered young bucks

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How about 500,000 bucks. Each.

And, as one half of the AEW tag team mentions, that half a million dollar deal? That was just the opening figure.

That implies that WWE might have come back with even more bucks for The Young Bucks, in an effort to get the brothers to sign on.

However, we know how things have played out. Nick and Matt declined WWE’s substantial offers. They waited things out and ultimately landed big roles in AEW, both as executives and as on-screen talent.

Looking at how things went, there’s definitely part of me that would have liked to see what WWE could have done with The Young Bucks.

However, a more realistic view of that would be…I wonder how WWE might have ruined the team. Considering WWE had such strong teams as The Good Brothers and largely wasted them…it’s probably the more likely outcome.