Is Miro Badly Injured

On this week’s AEW television show, new arrival Miro appeared to have been banged up-is Miro badly injured? Also, though we have not seen them in a while, did the Forgotten Sons lose a member during their time away?

Is Miro Badly Injured

If you watched AEW this week, you saw new star Miro limping around. Is Miro badly injured?

Is Miro Badly Injured

In terms of his AEW debut, it probably wasn’t the exact thing Miro wanted to happen-no wrestler ever wants to get hurt in a match.

However, according to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, while Miro did get hurt, it doesn’t seem to be too bad.

Alvarez called the injury a “tweaked ankle”, with the thinking that Miro likely wouldn’t miss much-if any-time.

The Beast from Bulgaria was able to finish his first AEW match with the limp, securing a win in the process.

Per Alvarez’ report, after the match in the back, Miro was said to be feeling better. That leads us to believe that the star shouldn’t miss much action.

Of course, with joint injuries, things may seem better until the morning after, when things could actually swell up worse. That we haven’t heard much else bodes well for Miro.

If things aren’t 100% with his ankle, it is entirely possible that AEW limits him to on air speaking roles over the next show or two, just to let their newest talent have some time to heal.

However, thus far it appears as though Miro isn’t badly injured, and that is exciting news.

Did Forgotten Sons Lose Member

It seems like a long time ago when the Forgotten Sons made a surprising main roster debut…then controversy hit, and they went on hiatus. In that time away, did the Forgotten Sons lose a member?

Just to recap things, going back to the earliest stages of the pandemic…

Pro Donald Trump Tweet

The Forgotten Sons, playing a bit of right wing extremist group, debuted on the main roster earlier in 2020. It was surprising because, well, they hadn’t done much in their time in NXT.

They seemed to be getting a decent push early on, as far as tag teams on the main roster are concerned. Then, Jaxson Ryker made what could only nicely be called a major blunder on social media.

Specifically, Ryker posted some tweets in favor of the current president of the United States, but the timing wasn’t great. For the most part, WWE does it’s best to keep political statements out of it’s storylines.

That has been relaxed at times, given what is going on currently. It is also in spite of the McMahon family’s connections to Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans.

Of course, as a general rule, it is wise to not mix politics and business, especially entertainment, because you risk alienating a significant portion of your fans.

But…Jaxson made a boo boo…

So, once Ryker posted his gaffe, the entire Sons group was pulled from television. That was unfortunate, given the mentioned push.

Now, there have been rumblings that the Forgotten Sons are nearing a return to WWE television. Except, those rumblings now seem to indicate that the trio may be down to a duo.

According to Fightful, WWE roster documents currently only list Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler when mentioning the Forgotten Sons on roster sheets.

There is no mention of Jaxon Ryker.

Whether that means Ryker is done with the Sons, or just done right now, remains to be seen.

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