Sting Unhappy WWE Released

Sting was unhappy in WWE, which led him to signing with AEW. Also, Jaxson Ryker could soon be released by WWE.

Sting Was Unhappy With WWE

At Winter is Coming, AEW packed the special episode of Dynamite. There were plenty of surprises, like Impact Wrestling’s involvement in Kenny Omega becoming AEW World Champion.

Meanwhile, the biggest moments of the show came at the halfway point. While Cody Rhodes, Darby Allin and few others were getting beaten by Team Taz, a surprise arrived.

Sting officially joined the AEW roster as he headed to the ring. The heels got out of dodge, while Sting stared down each face.

In particular, fans noticed how Darby had no problems staring down the icon. In fact, some think AEW may have Sting serve in a manager type role. 

According to WrestleTalk, Sting was “unhappy with how WWE treated him during his time with the company.” Although, Sting’s time in WWE was not long. 

He only wrestled a few times before suffering a career ending injury against Seth Rollins. He would retire after entering the WWE Hall of Fame.

Despite the injury, Sting pressed WWE to put together a dream match with Undertaker. He wanted to use the cinematic approach.

For whatever reason, WWE passed on the offer. And, Undertaker is now retired.  

There was speculation that Sting could be headed to AEW after WWE pulled his merchandise. This typically happens once a contract is expired.

So far, the timing of Sting in AEW has worked great as his merchandise quickly became the top seller. This Wednesday, Sting will speak with Tony Schiavone on AEW Dynamite.

The report concluded how Sting wants to do “something good” for the business. The odds of him wrestling again are slim, but the idea is for him to appear frequently on TV.

Jaxson Ryker To Be Released?

On SmackDown, two familiar faces appeared in Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. They debuted on the main roster earlier in the year alongside Jaxson Ryker as The Forgotten Sons. 

There were big plans for the stable as they were going to win the tag titles from New Day.

Instead, WWE went with Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura after some controversy. Ryker’s tweet about Donald Trump and some of his antics caused major backstage heat.

Now, Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio commented how Ryker is sill part of WWE. But, he believes his name will be included in the next set of cuts.

“WWE haven’t gotten around to cutting him yet,” said Melzter. “[They likely will during] the next round of cuts.” 

Considering the heat on Ryker, there does not seem like many major promotions that will hire him. Therefore, WWE is not losing a future star to one of their competitors.

For the time, Blake and Cutler have been paired with King Corbin. They seem to be serving as his loyal subjects as he battles the Mysterio Family.

Sometimes, one tweet is enough to cost someone their job and even career. For Ryker, that might have already happened.

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