kushida mentoring nxt team
source: custom, WWE NXT Twitter screenshot

One of the brand’s most established veterans, Kushida is mentoring an NXT team while also the new cruiser weight champion. Plus, if that isn’t enough fun, we’ve got a new WWE romance angle brewing for us as well.

Kushida Mentoring NXT Team

Not long ago, this Japanese Superstar became the latest to hold WWE’s purple belt…and on top of that, Kushida is mentoring an NXT team.

That news may surprise some, but perhaps it should not.

kushida mentoring nxt team

source: custom, WWE NXT Twitter screenshot

While he comes off as rather young, Kushida is one of the more tenured and higher profile Superstars in NXT now.

He is certainly someone the company might lean on when it comes to helping newer Superstars adapt and adjust. Though that may happen…that is not what happened here.

Either way, since NXT is where most talent new to WWE go to get acclimated, there are plenty of opportunities to mentor.

Like say, having Kushida end up mentoring an NXT team.

Ah, but which team? How about one of the company’s newest and brightest. The new duo also happens to be the current NXT Tag Team Champions.

Yes, Kushida is mentoring MSK.

Plus, if you are tuning in, Kushida will be teaming up with them on Tuesday’s episode of NXT.

So, if NXT or WWE brass had not pushed Kushida into mentoring the NXT team…then who?

Well, here’s Kushida himself explaining-since it was him who revealed the mentoring.

Kushida has continued to impress me for some time, and this is just the latest bit to add to his resume.

I’d like to think he could make the main roster jump and continue to impress, but I have a feeling he may be better off staying with NXT.

While Shinsuke Nakamura has put together a nice run, it was not the run many had hoped for. Similar Japanase talents, like Hideo Itami, had largely disappointing stints.

Not saying that RAW or SmackDown would ruin Kushida…however the history of success is not good.

New WWE Romance Angle

While nothing is confirmed thus far, we appear to be getting a new WWE romance angle, courtesy of the black and gold brand.

This comes from an aptly named Wrestling Rumors site.

The report points out of a name WWE may have recently trademarked. Specifically, that name: In-Dex.

new wwe romance angle

source: custom, WWE NXT Twitter screenshot

Again, with nothing confirmed, this is all speculation, but based on a recent episode of NXT, we can deduce what might lead to the name.

Specifically, it likely is a mash-up of Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis.

Hartwell, thus far a heel, has a soft spot for Lumis.

Indi played injured during an eight person tag match, and Dexter decided to bail on the match to save his “damsel in distress”.

If the rumors and speculation prove true, this one will be interesting to see play out.

Lumis is one of the more interesting Superstars on the brand…but he also is a man of few words.

Add to that that, so far, WWE has no inter-gender teams…it makes the idea of WWE coming up with an inter-gender mash-up somewhat peculiar.

It seems likely that, if something is coming from this, we should see this sooner than later.

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