gerald brisco had surgery
Source: custom, Tampa Bay Times screenshot

Gerald Brisco was in wrestling, and WWE, for a long time…and now Gerald Brisco had surgery to fix some wear and tear. Also, part of Retribution is getting a new home.

Gerald Brisco Had Surgery

Gerald Brisco hasn’t wrestled in a while, and he was released from WWE last year, but Gerald Brisco had surgery today to fix up some accumulated wear and tear.

gerald brisco had surgery

Source: custom, Tampa Bay Times screenshot

Specifically, the former WWE fixture, alongside the late Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, announced he was having knee surgery today.

Brisco was mostly used as a comedic authority figure in WWE, one of the Stooges. His humor carries on via his social media.
He posted this video Monday morning, which shows his sense of humor is still working.

If you don’t follow Brisco, he can be good for some pretty entertaining posts.
Hopefully his surgery went well and he will be back to dancing before too long.

Part Of Retribution Getting New Home

It’s been a strange trip for what was briefly Retribution…and part of Retribution is set to be getting a new home.

Not an actual home, mind you. No, in this case, one member appears destined for a new brand.

To recap things that have happened over the past couple months…

Retribution came out, finally got a leader, and flopped. It could be argued that some of it was too phony and over the top.

I mean, if they’d stuck with real wrestlers with real beefs about being passed over or held down…there could have been something.

Adding the ridiculous names and masks? Meant we were headed for an epic flop.

The group turned on bossy, and smaller by comparison, Mustafa Ali at Fastlane.

Ali has worked matches since, but there’s an expectation that he may need time off to fix an injured knee.

WWE didn’t take their breakup as a chance to wipe the slates clean, however. We saw T-Bar and Mace show up at the end of RAW, beating down Drew McIntyre while MVP watched.

One person has been MIA…

retribution getting new home mia yim

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But we have not seen Reckoning, and now it seems we may know why.

Reckoning would be the part of Retribution getting a new home. As in, she’s set to jump to SmackDown.

That news comes to us courtesy of PWInsider.

What remains to be seen, however, is in what form she will resurface.

If WWE is smart, I’d think they would use the change of brand as an opportunity to let Mia Yim debut on SmackDown.

Perhaps even, you know…forgetting about Reckoning entirely.

There is an added twist in all of this.

Over recent years, the company has done it’s best to keep wrestling couples on the same brand. That has been slightly less of an issue since last year.

With everyone working from the same location, whether you are on RAW or SmackDown (or even NXT) has not meant as much.

Once things return to normal, that will matter again…whenever that is.

The point here? Mia Yim is engaged to RAW Superstar Keith Lee. We have not seen Lee in several months, for no clear reason.

Could her move indicate Lee is heading to the blue brand too? If so…could we be seeing Keith Lee get a main event push against Roman Reigns?

I mean…that would be a wise move….