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November 16, 2022
Why is WWE doing WarGames at SurvivorSeries? What's The Miz's end game? Plus my wishcasting for WrestleMania
tony khan major announcement
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot
February 26, 2022
Once again, Tony Khan talks a major AEW announcement yet to come. And Mia Yim issues a warning to fans…
star lauds aew additions
source:custom, Mia Yim twitter screenshot
January 24, 2022
On a recent media appearance, one star lauds AEW roster additions yet to come. And a Superstar may have been…
several superstars barely survived releases
source: custom, heel4lif3 twitter screenshot
November 8, 2021
Thursday was bad, but it could have been worse-several Superstars barely survived the releases. Plus, WWE actually may have had…
Nexus Documentary More Off
Source: Matty Hawk, Twitter, Screenshot
July 13, 2021
Fans interested in the Nexus documentary should note, this and more content are off schedule. Plus, two WWE names have…
Fans Refunded Blood Guts
Source: Raphael Wilson, Twitter, Screenshot
May 6, 2021
Some AEW fans in attendance were not pleased with Blood and Guts last night, and got refunded. Plus, an update…
gerald brisco had surgery
Source: custom, Tampa Bay Times screenshot
April 19, 2021
Former WWE employee Gerald Brisco had surgery on his knee Monday. Also, a part of Retribution is set to be…
Keith Lee Mia Yim
February 12, 2021
Some great news as Keith Lee and Mia Yim are engaged. And, will former NFL star and NXT standout Pat…
Mia Yim trademark filing for in-ring name
October 14, 2020
WWE superstar Mia Yim filed a trademark for her in-ring name. It goes against the filing done by World Wrestling…
Ronda Rousey contract status
October 7, 2020
We have some news on Ronda Rousey's contract status, and it seems WWE faction Retribution may have already lost a…
NXT Superstar Domestic Violence Survivor + Jerry Lawler Swiping Famous Finishers
October 28, 2019
NXT's Mia Yim is aiming for the Women' Championship, but she's also a champion for domestic violence survivor rights! Also,…
June 6, 2018
The geographically named NOVA (NoVA refers to Northern Virginia) Pro-Wrestling is one of the hottest up-and-coming independent promotions in the…