wrestlemania ticket sales chaos

WWE has been excited to get fans back to their biggest PPV of the year, but we are hearing of WrestleMania ticket sales chaos. Also, is AEW exploiting Brodie Lee’s death?

WrestleMania Ticket Sales Chaos

It wasn’t long ago that WWE confirmed they’d have fans in attendance for WrestleMania. However, we are learning of WrestleMania ticket sales chaos.

wrestlemania ticket sales chaos

Considering that the big weekend is a month away…this is not good news.

Tickets were supposed to go on sale yesterday. Instead, WWE has announced a delay to the sales process.

No new on sale date has been announced, but is expected soon, per local news outlets.

The entire effort has been called a mess by some.

How much of a mess?

Per reports, it seems that Vince McMahon is warming to something he previously refused to consider: cardboard cutouts.

Still, the boss is said to be hopeful that WWE could see north of 40,000 fans per night.  The tickets were supposed to be sold in pods of six.

WrestleMania is April 10th and 11th, in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. That date doesn’t give WWE much time to get things figured out.

As big an event as WrestleMania is, in a normal year the show is very nearly sold out by now.

Of course, this is not a normal year, and as with so many other things, the situation is fluid and constantly changing.

What we do know is that ticket sales did not happen as planned yesterday. They will go on sale eventually…but the chaos is unsettling.

Is AEW Exploiting Brodie Lee’s Death

Late in 2020, the wrestling world lost a star. But is AEW exploiting Brodie Lee’s death?

Brodie Lee final days

Well, some great examples of humanity decided that AEW was, and used the “anonymity” of social media to rip the use of Brodie Lee’s son after his dad’s tragic death.

Lee’s widow, Amanda Huber, did not take too kindly to it.

She shared a lengthy post online, (credit to Wrestling, Inc and several other sources).

So, here’s the thing. On one hand, sure, you could say that AEW is milking it…but are they really?

Having lost a parent at a young age (but not nearly as young as Brodie Lee Jr.), it’s not easy to go through. What AEW is doing is not evil, in my mind.

His mother made that clear in her post. She is protective of him and has set boundaries.

However, allowing Brodie Lee Jr. (also known as -1) to have any involvement with AEW can also be healing and supportive.

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, especially as a child. However, taking comfort in something you love-like Brodie Lee Jr. loves wrestling?

That may be just the escape the young man needs as he learns to adjust to life without his deceased father.

The takeaway here? Online trolls will troll, no matter what.

For what it’s worth, a quick scan of Huber’s Instagram shows that it’s not just AEW talent showing the family love and support in this tough time.

The younger Brodie Lee has gotten time with Big E, Natalya and others as well. It just shows how many friends and family Brodie Lee has and had in the wrestling community.