Charlotte Flair Pregnant WrestleMania
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Charlotte Flair and her WrestleMania status still seems unknown. Her fiancé Andrade, recently did an interview stating she was pulled from the flagship event because a WWE doctor said she was pregnant.

Doctor Said Charlotte Flair Was Pregnant

It was announced recently that Charlotte Flair tested positive for COVID-19. She was pulled from TV and it seems as if she could miss WM 37.

But is the novel coronavirus the reason she was pulled from the company’s flagship event?

Charlotte’s fiance and former WWE superstar, Andrade, recently interviewed with Lucha Libre Online. According to him, the company pulled Flair from this year’s WrestleMania 37 because they thought she was pregnant.

Lost In Translation

A WWE doctor had stated that Charlotte was expecting; however, this wasn’t the case at all. She and Andrade went to a store to get pregnancy tests themselves, and all of them came out negative.

It’s important to note that the interview was done in Spanish. Charlotte Flair’s team released a statement, adding some more context to Andrade’s story. Some information was lost in translation.

Flair’s statement is in the tweet, below.

The question marks remain as to whether Charlotte will be a part of WM 37. In the meantime, fans may also be wondering about “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s status for the Grandest Stage of Them All. Will he be at the big event?

Steve Austin – WrestleMania 37

Six-time WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily to help promote #TurnToCold, a campaign for the laundry detergent, Tide.

Charlotte Flair Pregnant WrestleMania 37

Source:, Twitter, Screenshot

The questions were asked around whether Austin would be at this year’s ‘Mania. Steve revealed that the WWE hadn’t reached out to him.

He also stated that they have their hands full with WM 37. After all, it will be the first event with fans in live attendance in over a year. Plus, it’s WrestleMania to boot!

Stone Cold noted that it might make more sense for him to return for the Texas or L.A. WM events in the near future.

Austin Has Been Busy

Austin also noted that he’s quite busy at the moment. With a permanent move from L.A. to Nevada, he’s happy to watch this year’s WrestleMania at home.

Stone Cold also talked about working with Tide. He’s a part of their current campaign #TurnToCold. He, along with some other celebrities, are trying to encourage everyone to wash their laundry in cold water, versus hot.

Austin stated he’s always been a cold-water laundry guy and has been a longtime fan of Tide. Plus, washing laundry in cold water is good for the environment, prolongs the life of clothes, and helps with your energy bill.

During the shoot, Stone Cold had the fun opportunity of working with Mr. T, Ice-T, and Vanilla Ice. He was a little nervous to do the commercial as he had gained a little bit of weight.

However, the people at Tide promised to “film around him”. Even with a little extra weight, Steve Austin will always be considered a GOAT!

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