Burger King “Women Belong In The Kitchen” Tweet Triggers Feminists

By trying to showcase a positive action for women, Burger King got skewered by feminists for how they treated their scholarship announcement.

Burger King kicked off International Women’s Day by upsetting feminists. The UK division of the fast food company tweeted that women belong in the kitchen.

There was more to it than that as Burger King was gently trolling to announce a culinary scholarship.

But, a good deed never goes unpunished in this era of political correctness.

The initial tweet below served as a dog whistle to bring out the social justice warriors.

Scholarship For Women

Burger King followed that up by tweeting that women only belong in the kitchen if they want to.

They highlighted that only 20% of chefs are females. 

The new Burger King scholarship will help female employees become chefs if they want to pursue that avenue.

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Burger King was clearly trying to get attention with their first tweet.

They got a lot more attention to their new scholarship with a trolling tweet than if they had just announced it outright.

But, that was lost on ultra-sensitive feminists.

Rather than looking at the positive aspect of Burger King’s gesture and financial backing to support and further “equality” in the workplace, they were skewered for using sexism as clickbait. 

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Feminists React To Burger King

Yes, it could have fit in one tweet but then not as many people would have seen it. 

When one social media user replied that Burger King should delete the tweet, the fast food giant doubled down by saying they are trying to solve a problem. 

Feminists clinging to victimhood were triggered by this tweet.

Burger King was even called sexist for announcing a scholarship for women in this manner.  


As a woman, I thought it was funny and a good way of getting attention.

Of course, I know how to take a joke.

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