Ronald McDonald

There is a bit of a rivalry between fast food giants. They each have their own mascots, of course, but they’ve been pretty amenable to each other. Until now!

Customers at a Burger King in Wales got a hilarious surprise when fifteen people dressed as McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald stormed in and started making a scene – yelling a mocking chant and generally causing chaos.

Nici Jones took video of the hilarious encounter as the Ronald McDonalds and a Hamburglar shouted, “You’re s–t and you know you are!” Jones said the Burger King workers took the prank well, even laughing.

She said this was not a McDonald’s sponsored event. It was part of a 1980s themed event. She said the outfits appear to be planned, but the hilarious trip to Burger King was spontaneous. You can see the video below.

How funny! I’m glad everyone had a good sense of humor about it. Thankfully, the PC police weren’t there to scold about hurting someone’s feelings!

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Source: Fox News

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