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Judge Judy does not mince words. She’s not afraid to be who she is and she makes no apologies for that. She also isn’t afraid to say what she is not and she is adamant that she is not a feminist!

The longtime TV judge sat down with Megyn Kelly for an interview and she served up some cold hard truths to modern-day feminists. When asked if she is a feminist, Judge Judy emphatically declared NO, she is not! This will infuriate today’s leftists.

The tough-talking judge considers herself to be an individualist. She didn’t succeed through a group and thinks it takes away from her own self-worth to claim she is a feminist. Instead, she was the hero of her own story. She created herself, not anyone else. It also demeans her success by boxing herself in as a female judge. She is a judge and her accomplishments should be held up against both male and female judges.

Judge Judy also discussed the Me Too movement. She thinks it was necessary, but thinks it might have gone too far as it’s created some unnecessary uncomfortableness in the workplace. The Judge doesn’t want people to fear paying compliments to each other or supporting someone of the opposite sex. But, this is what is happening now. People are afraid of being accused of sexual harassment for saying something nice and encouraging.

She even explains how a man recently got uncomfortable because she put her arm around him for a picture. This shows how this movement is being taken too far. Judge Judy was not hitting on the man! She was posing for a picture!

If you are tired of feminists, you will love the video below! You’ll laugh at what she has to say about Harvey Weinstein, too!

Brilliant! I like this tough judge even more after watching that interview! She doesn’t care what other people think about her. She’s self-made and doesn’t have to listen to people’s whining!

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