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Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
July 14, 2022
In his new Netflix comedy special, the comedian Bill Burr calls out “feminists” for blatantly failing the WNBA.
Burger King UK
March 8, 2021
By trying to showcase a positive action for women, Burger King got skewered by feminists for how they treated their scholarship announcement.
Sports Illustrated
July 13, 2020
Sports Illustrated earned kudos from mainstream media for having transgender woman Valentina Sampaio in the Swimsuit issue but risk alienating male buyers.
megan fox #metoo feminists
December 11, 2018
Hollywood star Megan Fox, known for her role in the Transformers movies, just spoke out to reveal why she has felt excluded by the #MeToo movement
man dress code
June 21, 2017
One man tried wearing shorts to work since women were able to wear a dress. He was sent home for a dress code violation and returned wearing