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“The Carol Burnett Show” gave us some memorable moments over the years. It’s hard to pick a favorite with such a talented cast as there were too many funny skits. One with Harvey Korman as a recent parolee and Carol Burnett as his firecracker wife will have you laughing like the old days.

This classic sketch comedy show entertained us for eleven seasons. We had no idea what the skits would be about. We only knew we were going to laugh together as a family watching it.

 Even though decades have passed since the show aired, it is still so fun to watch all these years later.

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Carol Burnett’s Big Mouth Is Going To Put Harvey Korman Back In Jail

In “The Parolee,” Harvey Korman just got out of jail after serving ten years. He wanted to be on his best behavior as he’s now on parole. He doesn’t want to get thrown back in jail so he’s on the straight and narrow.

But his wife, brilliantly played by Carol Burnett, has some behavior issues that might send him back to the slammer.

Harvey and Carol were out celebrating his newly found freedom. Carol is determined to insult everyone around them to point of anger. She even insulted a police officer.

The recent parolee attempts to control his wife from insulting everyone, but it only encourages her. 

When a man with a motorcycle gang comes in to eat at the restaurant, Carol just can’t help herself. Tempers flare between Carol and the tough guy. Harvey tries to escape but can’t.

Then the police arrive. 

Carol Burnett does such a great job in this skit that you will find her annoying just by watching! She probably is the reason he went to jail in the first place. The outcome is probably different than you expect. 

Watch the video below for a good laugh!

Breaking Character

With a wife like that who needs enemies! 

Harvey Korman had a history of breaking character during skits and laughing. It became a running joke and challenge on “The Carol Burnett Show” as his cast mates attempted to make him lose it with laughter while filming.

While he maintained his composure during “The Parolee,” there are plenty of other times when he busted out laughing.

Here’s a memorable one:

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