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When Don Rickles was on television, you never knew what to expect, but you knew you were going to laugh. Mr. Warmth often would toss out the script and dominate the scene by feeding off the energy of the moment.

His fellow actors would often be unable to contain their laughter and that’s what happened to Harvey Korman during a skit on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

Rickles appeared on the beloved sketch comedy show in its second season as a shoe salesman.

As you can imagine, he didn’t have a lot of patience for his customers. Rickles’ boss, played by Harvey Korman threatened to fire the insulting shoe salesman.

While begging for one more chance, Rickles promised to shape up. But, that’s not what happened. 

Don Rickles Throws Zingers

Nanette Fabray came in for shoes and played the role of one of the most difficult customers ever!

She was demanding, insulting, and extremely high maintenance. This proved to be too challenging of an experience for Mr. Warmth. The comedic gloves came off. 

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Insults were Don Rickles’s medium.

He just couldn’t help himself when this demanding customer kept rudely changing her mind.

Rickles quickly threw “The Customer Is Always Right” mentality out the window! He even called her a “dummy broad.”  

Unfortunately for our caustic shoe salesman, his boss returned as he was giving the customer a piece of his mind.

After losing his job, Rickles absolutely unloaded on Harvey Korman and it was a thing of beauty!

The crowd was roaring in laughter too!

Harvey Korman Had To Laugh

Harvey was often the target of Tim Conway who would work extra hard to make him laugh during a skit.

The same thing happened in this skit. Mr. Warmth went so far off skit that Harvey wasn’t prepared and had to turn away as not to bend over with laughter. 

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Rickles said a lot of things off the cuff to his soon-to-be former boss. He clearly was trying to get Harvey to lose it with laughter.

It’s classic Mr. Warmth!

Watch the skit below when Rickles is a shoe salesman and you’ll be wondering if he’s kin to Al Bundy from “Married With Children.”

One thing that made “The Carol Burnett Show” so fun is that A-Listers like Don Rickles would appear on the show.

They weren’t above being on the small screen because they loved to entertain the masses. This classic show is better than any series on television now!

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