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Tim Conway and Harvey Korman gave us an early version of must-see TV. As fixtures on “The Carol Burnett Show,” you never knew what you were going to get from these two. But you knew you were going to laugh. 

In a 1968 skit, Conway played a bullfighter who was about to enter the enter the ring.

Korman was interviewing him before the big performance.

However, there was one problem. Tim Conway was not a good bullfighter.

And, what’s even worse is the fact that he was also drunk. What a combination!

Harvey Korman Breaks Character And Laughs

Conway was known for making Korman break character and laugh.

And, the Bullfighter skit doesn’t disappoint as Korman ends up cracking up some when Tim goes off script.

Nobody knew what Tim Conway would do, not even his fellow castmates.

Part of the fun of watching the show was waiting for Korman do lose it and laugh during a sketch.

And, this one scores big! 

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Complete with his red flag, this matador stumbles out for his pre-fight interview.

Alcohol is an important ingredient for each of his bullfights. 

“Are you really going into the ring in that drunken condition?” Korman asks the intoxicated matador. 

“Oh, I hope so! I tried the other way it doesn’t work out,” Conway burst back. 

This bullfighter had a bunch of injuries from previous events. Being gored appears to be a regular occurrence when he heads into the arena. 

Bullfighter’s Perfect Record

Tim Conway has a perfect record in the arena. He has never won but from the sounds of it he certainly does not disappoint the crowd.

Who wouldn’t want to see a drunken bullfighter who never wins but lives to tell the tale?

“The Carol Burnett Show” captivated us for 11 seasons. It was the ultimate family show of the day as the everyone could gather around the television together for some good laughs. This 1968 skit proves that. 

Watch the video below for a good laugh and a trip down memory lane with “The Carol Burnett Show!”

The humor was clean enough for children but was hysterical and enjoyable for adults to enjoy.

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There was no foul or inappropriate language.

It was pure comedy and something that many of us miss on television today!

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