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SmackDown Angle Was Dropped, Bo Dallas Looking At Life Past WWE

A big SmackDown angle from 2020 was dropped recently, and quietly. Also, we've got the latest on Bo Dallas and his future plans.

You may have missed it, but a decent-sized SmackDown angle was dropped recently. Also, we’ve got the latest on Bo Dallas’ future plans, and they may surprise you.

SmackDown Angle Was Dropped

It happens often enough, when an angle will just disappear for no reason…and it happened again. A SmackDown angle was dropped recently, and you may not have even noticed.

smackdown angle was dropped
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We’ve covered the lack of plans for Murphy. The Superstar has been mostly off of WWE television of late.

He was ringside for Seth Rollins’ return segment, but was just another Superstar around the ring. There was no mention of him, even by the returning Messiah.

With Murphy mostly sitting on the sidelines, a significant SmackDown angle was dropped, too.

With no Murphy, there is also now no more Murphy-Aaliyah Mysterio romance.

Per the Wrestling Observer, the angle was dropped, and there was no reason given. If I had to guess, there probably won’t be, either.

On one hand, it wasn’t necessarily a major angle that was dropped.

However, the Mysterio-Rollins angle was something that consumed a substantial amount of TV time in the last half of 2020. The feud even jumped brands, as all Superstars involved switched from RAW to SmackDown in October.

The romance component between Aaliyah and Murphy facilitated his eventual face turn, but it was dropped. Considering that there is currently no active plan for using Murphy, it’s easy to see why it was dropped.

It will be interesting to see if the green Aaliyah is brought back in for any future angles. Her involvement, considering her relative inexperience, was not nearly as bad as it could have been.

WWE has, from time to time, revived old angles it previously dropped. Just as often, an angle that was dropped will stay dropped forever more.

Time will tell if this dropped SmackDown angle has any hope for a future revival, but I’d doubt it.

Bo Dallas Looking At Life Past WWE

This might be the busiest news week Bo Dallas has had in a while…and now we have the latest on Bo Dallas’ future plans.

Those future plans? They might not be quite what you’d think.

Bo Dallas Rejoining NXT?
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We reported earlier in the week that WWE currently has no plans for Bo Dallas. To the point where his name isn’t even coming up in creative discussions, which might be mildly surprising.

Considering his lack of usage, coupled with his name not even being brought up for any programs…what are Bo Dallas’ future plans?

Well, these future plans aren’t from, or even with, WWE.

Expanding on the earlier report, courtesy of the Observer, Bo Dallas and his better half (Liv Morgan) have set up a nice life outside of WWE.

One of those interests appears to be a real estate firm, and it’s said that Dallas is studying and focusing on that as he prepares for a life outside of WWE.

As compelling a character as Dallas has been able to present at times, it’s a bit surprising that Dallas doesn’t seem to factor into WWE’s future plans. However, those plans can and do change frequently, so never say never.

Still, with Bo Dallas having been off television for over a year, it seems the Superstar has made preparations of his own. Bo Dallas’ future plans might not include WWE, but at least he has plans for life after wrestling.

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