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Undertaker – WWE Coaching Job, End Game For Aalyah And Murphy

With Survivor Series giving us a final farewell, what's next for The Undertaker? And what is the end game for Aalyah and Murphy?

With WWE hyping up Survivor Series as The Dead Man’s big farewell, what is next for The Undertaker?

Also, what’s the end game for Aalyah and Murphy, as the Mysterio saga continues.

Undertaker – WWE Coaching Job

With much attention being given to the 30th anniversary of The Phenom, what’s next for The Undertaker?

It’s a fair question, considering all signs seem to point to retirement, even if nothing may ever be said officially.

After all, Vince McMahon likes to write big checks for Legends to perform, and he has a soft spot for someone like The Undertaker.

what next for undertaker
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However, it’s clear that the Dead Man doesn’t have much, if anything, left in the tank. But that doesn’t mean he has nothing left to give.

Specifically, The Undertaker recently spoke to The Wrap, and the topic of his future in WWE came up.

The surefire future Hall of Famer mentioned that he has talked to NXT boss Triple H about working more with the Performance Center.

Now, this is one way that The Phenom can continue to make an impact, without having to take an impact.

He has made guest appearances at the Performance Center previously-as have numerous other WWE veterans.

Giving back and helping the next generation is something that appeals to The Undertaker. Some manner of teaching gig with the PC could be a good move.

There would be some logistical issues, possibly, and not strictly due to COVID.

The Undertaker is a Texan, and that isn’t something he seems willing to change. The PC, as we all know, calls Orlando home.

Once the pandemic is a thing of the past, perhaps The Undertaker may make routine visits to the newest talents working their way into a WWE ring.

End Game For Aalyah And Murphy

The Mysterio family and Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy have had one of the programs of the year…so what’s the end game for Aalyah and Murphy?

We focus on those two, of course, because they seem to be the focal points moving forward.

Murphy is still showing support for Seth Rollins, but while showing love for Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah.

It’s been rumored that Vince McMahon has another television wedding in the works for Aalyah and Murphy. No matter how you feel, the segments are reportedly doing good ratings.

Good ratings means they won’t be going away anytime soon.

However, we will likely lose Seth Rollins for some time in the coming weeks.

We are all aware that Rollins and fiancee Becky Lynch are expecting, with their baby due in December.

Rollins is expected to be off television for at least some time around then. Which means this Mysterio/Rollins/Murphy program isn’t planned to conclude just yet.

According to reports, the end game looks like late December or January, most likely.

Of course, plans can and do change, so the actual date is to be determined.

Given how close we are getting to WrestleMania, it would not shock me if this program was made to last until an April conclusion.

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